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"Wade has done an exceptional job of presenting me with the finest custom suits and tailored shirts since I began working with him in 2004. The tailoring, Wade's expertise, convenience, and quality of Tom James products provide a much better value than those found in lesser discount products. In addition, Wade keeps track of my wardrobe and suggests ideas that compliment what I already have. I highly recommend Wade and Tom James as a high end clothier."


Wade Anding

Tom James of Milwaukee

"Paul has been making my suits, shirts and various accessories for over 5 years now. The product and the service have lived up to my high expectations and have definitely given value for money. I was never a lover of shopping and therefore having someone visit me and make suggestions about what to wear and which shirts and ties to coordinate with an outfit has been invaluable. I look forward to using Tom James for many years to come."


Paul Ibbotson

Tom James of Leeds

"Scott has been my tailor for many years. He and his company provide me with professionally tailored clothing at a reasonable cost. I do not own a suit or sportcoat which was not bought from Scott and Tom James."


Scott Osborne

Tom James of Louisville

"I'd like to recommend Joe Price for anyone who is looking to determine their optimum professional look and wardrobe. Joe is very thoughtful and client oriented professional, who first endeavors to understand his clients' perspective and objectives before offering potential products and solutions. He's knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with, all while appreciating the value of a dollar."


Joe Price

Tom James of Charlotte

"Chuck has supplied me with fine clothing for more than 25 years. His personal service & back room support have been outstanding. I feel I receive very good value for the expense of doing business with Tom James. My garments usually fit just right after post purchase adjustments for which the Firm does not charge. I recommend Tom James and Chuck to those who wish to have clothing far superior to what comes off the hangers at a typical men's store."


Chuck V'Soske

Tom James of Tucson

"The clothes fit better, feel better, look better and last longer!"


Naresh Khanna

Tom James of Buckhead

"I have relied on Dan Hook and his company for sartorial advice for about 20 years. I recommend him even if you fit my cautious buyer profile, as he cheerfully combines knowledge of fabrics, current styles, my own preferences (appearance, comfort and financial), and records of my existing wardrobe to make his suggestions. It will be possible to find cheaper substitutes, but they probably will feel and look it, you will not get the consulting, and you have to go to them. ."


Dan Hook

Tom James of Seattle

"I had been a customer of Tom James for several years ... I have always valued her (Kim Keller's) advice as I have purchased suits, sport coats, slacks and accessories from the company through her. My resources are relatively limited so I have always appreciated her attitude about what I consider to be a significant investment. She has alerted me to opportunities to save on my purchases while maintaining high value. She has an excellent eye for accessorizing and her talents for getting the proper fit are second to none. Everyone enjoys compliments on their attire, and I get them regularly!"


Kim Keller

Tom James of Dallas

"Sarina Klosterman is not a sales representative. She is a consultant who helps me present a confident, sharp image to the world. She makes sure that the clothes you buy truly fit and look sharp. I'm wearing Tom James clothes I bought 14 years ago. The initial cost -- which is less than what 'good clothes' cost at fine men's stores -- is worth it in longer wear, better appearance and great comfort. Sarina is knowledgeable, personable and responsive. She's a great choice for wardrobe consulting!"


Sarina Brion

Tom James of Madison

"At first, I was a little hesitant about custom clothing, but after giving it a try I am sold and convinced this is really the only way men should purchase (dress) clothes. Working with Matthew is easy, and he always follows up and goes out of his way to accommodate my schedule. While custom clothes are more expensive, Matthew always makes sure I receive added value by providing expert consultation and convenience in addition to well constructed, perfectly fitting clothes. I look forward to continuing to work with Matthew as I upgrade and build out my professional wardrobe."


Matt Kyprianides

Tom James of Chicago Downtown

"Paul has been supplying suits to me for nearly five years and what he said on day one in that you pay for quality but you get that back in the long run has certainly been true. Once again many thanks."


Paul Ibbotson

Tom James of Leeds

"Dave's experience in the art of Dress for Success has definitely contributed to making sales and closing deals in my business. I would highly recommend all professionals to meet with him and make the investment. He has provided good and professional service for many years."


David Shepard

Tom James of Memphis

"I have been approached by numerous tailors in the past, but I have found that the personal and business relationship that Paul and I have built up has led to us having a strong friendship and a clear understanding of my tailoring requirements on an annual basis. I have found that the quality of materials and the range of choice at very reasonable prices is second to none and there is no question in my mind that he will remain advising and making my wardrobe for years to come."


Paul Ibbotson

Tom James of Leeds

"Here in our firm we focus on providing value added services and a noticeably different client experience. Tom James it seems to me is focused on these same items. The process is convenient ( I hate to go shopping ) . Most importantly I look to Ralph as the expert in this field . He is knowledgeable regarding current fashion trends and understands what looks good for me. The quality of the end product has always been high and I would consider it a good value. Great overall experience!"


Ralph Decker

Tom James of St Louis

From Our Clients

"Jeff has been my rep at Tom James Clothing for over a year. During that time he has provided an exceptional level of service and provided a product of exceptional quality. He is highly recommended."

Custom Clothier Jeff Harden

Jeff Harden

Tom James of Jacksonville

"I have really enjoyed working with Barbara for both business and casual clothing needs. She is very prompt, courteous, and always provides a very high level customer experience. I would recommend her to anyone without question."

Custom Clothier Barbara Selig

Barbara Selig

Tom James of Atlanta
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