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"I don't have the time or interest to deal with my clothing. It doesn't matter if it's a business suit, or shorts and a linen shirt for a vacation, Tim makes it easy. Everything fits, everything coordinates, he's learned what I like and don't like. There is simply no need for me go into a store ever again."


Tim Cornell

Tom James of Milwaukee

"As someone who loathes leaving the office for anything other than fun times with my family, I do all I can to avoid losing valuable time wandering around a mall. Having a professional and attentive Haberdasher, such as Nathalie, come directly to my office to pick products, style, and measure to fit on the spot is brilliant. Having that same personal touch with delivery of the goods, and an assurance of a perfect fit is the cherry on top. Thanks Nathalie!"


Nathalie McGregor

Tom James of Vancouver

"I have a very demanding law practice. Looking sharp is critical, but going to a mall on the weekend is not what I call relaxing. Katie Fore, my Tom James clothier, allows me to select what I like, offers helpful tips, and then delivers a fabulous produc."


Katelin Fore

Tom James of Austin

"Bill: I am looking forward to ordering another suit. For someone like me who does not 'shop,' you have made the experience painless and efficient. Also, I found the quality and fit of the clothes excellent."


Bill Lambert

Tom James of Boston

"Tom James makes my life easier and makes me well dressed doing it! The custom fit, high quality, and ease of access are unbeatable."


Rob Ringeisen

Tom James of Madison

"Ingrid Geiseman from Tom James is a true professional and a pleasure to work with on selecting just the right clothes and fashion that fit my style. I really like the convenience of having fittings in my home and a wardrobe tailored perfectly and at a price that is comparable to what I used to buy 'off the shelf'. I highly recommend Ingrid and Tom James to anyone who wants to look and feel great in their clothes."


Ingrid Geiseman

Tom James of Omaha

"For more than 15 years, working with Dave has made it easy and very convenient to put together a professional wardrobe that fits me and all of my preferences - even getting three pair of pants with a suit if that's what I want. Instead of shopping in stores, Dave meets me when and where it works best for me. What's not to like about that?"


Dave Olson

Tom James of San Francisco

"Working with Tom James keeps my weekends free to spend with my family, rather than having to make at least two trips to the mall for each suit I buy. Plus, I know I'll get a quality product that is custom made for me."


Brian Hopkins

Tom James of Minneapolis

"Dave is a detailed oriented person when considering customer needs. He's great at anticpating what the customer may need to add to his/her wardrobe based upon travel and type of profession. He has made my life so much easier. What I buy fits me well and is always in style. Don't know what I did before he and Tom James came into my life."


David Shepard

Tom James of Memphis

"I don't like shopping at all. With Tim I don't have to, and I'm able to get things that I genuinely like, instead of just getting something everybody else has. Whether its shirts, slacks, shoes...Tim caters the style and look of everything to what I want and what makes sense for me."


Tim Cornell

Tom James of Milwaukee

"Dave has been a big asset to me in building a complete and professional wardrobe over the past 10 years. An expert on fit and style, he has helped me to appreciate the value of custom-made shirts and suits. The convenience of working with Dave in my office, rather than at a retail location, saves me time. Our quarterly appointments assure that I am always up to date and have the right clothes for the coming season."


Dave Dobbins

Tom James of Cincinnati

"Jared does an excellent job of understanding my clothing needs and ensures that his recommendations are current and relevant. The entire purchasing process is convenient and transparent. Jared handles all aspect of the purchasing process so I don't have to worry about any of the details - a complete solution."


Jared Meyers

Tom James of Orlando

"Jordan is a true professional. He recognizes that time is the resource that successful people have in the shortest supply and I appreciate how much he hustles to help me. He's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do what is necessary. I like the fact that he helps me look good."


Jordan Yocum

Tom James of Louisville

"Barbara has made my life so much easier. With the busy travel schedule of a consultant it is hard to find time to shop around for clothes. Barbara came to my home, measured me and helped me pick out some really cool outfits. My favorite so far is the Tom James sports jacket I purchased a few months ago. Barbara is very professional and she actually made shopping fun. I never thought I would use the words shopping and fun in the same sentence."


Barbara Selig

Tom James of Atlanta

From Our Clients

"I have worked with Mark for six years now and I have found him to be the most professional consultant I have ever worked with in my career. Mark knows the business and he offers expert advice in that regard. It is important for a business professional to look like one. I consider my purchases from Mark to be an investment in my overall business and personal presentation. I highly recommend Mark and his products."

Custom Clothier Mark Young

Mark Young

Tom James of Greensboro

"It is a pleasure to wear the Tom James clothes and I receive frequent compliments."

Custom Clothier Darrell Pavelka

Darrell Pavelka

Tom James of Minneapolis
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