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50 years of Customer Satisfaction


"Lindsay and the Tom James Company have made my life a lot simpler. They take care of my wardrobe and advise me on what to wear for every occasion. I would highly recommend this to every busy business man."


Lindsay Curby

Tom James of Charlotte

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jennifer not only due to her extensive knowledge of fabrics and cloths but more because of her knowledge of my wardrobe and style. Our meetings are quick and painless and I have been extremely happy with all of the items I have purchased through her. I would recommend Jennifer Kautzky to anyone who wants to get fine clothing and also enjoys not having to endure the Department Store crowds and hassle."


Jennifer Kautzky

Tom James of Seattle

"It's amazingly convenient. I get great looking, quality, tailored business clothes delivered right to my office."


Lee Dora

Tom James of Indianapolis

"Dave has been a big asset to me in building a complete and professional wardrobe over the past 10 years. An expert on fit and style, he has helped me to appreciate the value of custom-made shirts and suits. The convenience of working with Dave in my office, rather than at a retail location, saves me time. Our quarterly appointments assure that I am always up to date and have the right clothes for the coming season."


Dave Dobbins

Tom James of Cincinnati

"I have personally enjoyed purchasing my business and casual clothing from Dan for over 15 years. The quality and convenience of purchasing the Tom James product line and Dan's efficient and reliable customer service makes my life so much easier."


Dan Hook

Tom James of Seattle

"I enjoy the special treatment I receive from Tom James. The ability to have you come to my office is a huge time saver for me."


Bill Lambert

Tom James of Boston

"I don't have the time or interest to deal with my clothing. It doesn't matter if it's a business suit, or shorts and a linen shirt for a vacation, Tim makes it easy. Everything fits, everything coordinates, he's learned what I like and don't like. There is simply no need for me go into a store ever again."


Tim Cornell

Tom James of Milwaukee

"Adrian shows up at my home with great ideas, maintains nearly every detail of my wardrobe, and allows me to even make tee time in style! He is my go-to guy for all my clothing needs."


Adrian Trumbo

Tom James of Portland

"Melissa has made my personal experience with Tom James very pleasant and convenient. My time is very limited, due to my busy work schedule and family life. I rely on her to pick out most of the fabrics and colors and I am always satisfied. I already have referred a number of friends and business associates who have enjoyed working with Melissa. I look forward to working with Melissa until I retire (which will be a very long time, according to my wife)!"


Melissa Hodge

Tom James of New York

"Adrienne is great to work with and she has gorgeous fabrics and creative ideas. She brings her swatches and design books to you. This makes the process and the fittings super-convenient."


Adrienne Lovato

Tom James of Washington DC

"Jordan is a true professional. He recognizes that time is the resource that successful people have in the shortest supply and I appreciate how much he hustles to help me. He's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do what is necessary. I like the fact that he helps me look good."


Jordan Yocum

Tom James of Louisville

"I cannot recommend the services of Joseph McCoy of Tom James Company more highly. I have referred him to colleagues and friends, (which) requires an incredible, firsthand experience for me personally to feel comfortable ... Both the man: Joseph McCoy, and the company behind him: Tom James, are exceptional. Custom fit suits, slacks, shirts all selected, measured and delivered in the comfort of your office. Joseph is a consummate professional and Tom James delivers quality."


Joseph McCoy

Tom James of Portland

"Having used Paul and Tom James several times; I would be happy to recommend them to others. The service is excellent and designed to meet your requirements and schedule which is pretty important when you hate shopping as much as I do."


Paul Ibbotson

Tom James of Leeds

"Tom James makes my life easier and makes me well dressed doing it! The custom fit, high quality, and ease of access are unbeatable."


Rob Ringeisen

Tom James of Madison

From Our Clients

"...quality products on time with the client's budget in mind."

Custom Clothier Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas

Tom James of Chicago:W Suburbs

"Destiny works with many individuals in my large company and all have a high regard for her."

Custom Clothier Destiny Badgett

Destiny Badgett

Tom James of Charlotte
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