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"I was introduced to Tom James through a trusted colleague, and although tentative at first I found the attention to detail and professionalism is second to none. The VIP treatment I have received is amazing, even going so far as fitting into my sometimes chaotic office hours to deliver items and speak to me. Cassandra Blond is just amazing, a true professional and serving Tom James clients with pride, it is an impressive service delivery. I feel that whatever I require to look my best I can get."


Cassandra Blond

Tom James of Sydney

"Kim makes life simple for me as I have no time to shop. She knows what I purchased in the past, my sizes for different brands, and always comes in with ideas that she knows match my tastes. I have found Kim and Tom James to be invaluable and super friendly."


Kim Keller

Tom James of Dallas

"I have bought clothing from Bill Lambert and Tom James for more than 20 years. Great service, very convenient and excellent quality."


Bill Lambert

Tom James of Boston

"I have enjoyed working with Sheika. As we have worked together, she has come to a good understanding of my tastes and makes creative recommendations that fit my overall wardrobe. She is very attentive to customer service and makes sure that all the custom work is to my satisfaction -- which it has been!"


Sheika Mancle

Tom James of Washington DC

"Rarely can it be said that there is happiness to be found from any place selling clothes. However, it has been my absolute pleasure to have lucked into dealing with the fantastic folks at Tom James. They have taken great care of my clothing needs for years ... and in the unlikely event I needed something that they did not carry, I have even had their sales folks go to another vendor and get it for me! I have nothing but good things to say about the excellent service I receive from Anjali Khanna and Team Khanna at Tom James in Atlanta. ."


Naresh Khanna

Tom James of Buckhead

"Tim Smith has been helping me maintain my professional wardrobe for over twenty years. Tim has stayed true to my focus in professional wear, an understated, but elegant business wardrobe of uncompromising quality and value. With Tim's help, and Tom James' vast selection of fabrics and styles, building my professional wardrobe has been easy, affordable and fun. I am very grateful to Tim for his many years of assistance and plan to continue working with him for as long as I am in business."


Tim Smith

Tom James of Phoenix

"Shep does a great job! Give him a shot and he'll hook you up with some nice rags. Great customer service and always friendly and excited to be with you."


David Shepard

Tom James of Memphis

"I have worked with Jennifer for several years now. I appreciate both the fit of the clothes and the superior customer service she and the company provide. For my job, it's important that I look my best ... I have very little time to spend shopping, trying on clothes, getting fitted, going back to try on again after tailoring, etc. The Tom James experience is convenient and painless and I get a great product for the same or less than the top department stores!"


Jennifer Kautzky

Tom James of Seattle

"Before I met Dave Olson and Tom James I hated shopping for clothing. The salesmen you have to deal with at the Department stores are never helpful and I ended up not liking anything that I bought. Working with Dave, buying new clothing is fun and I like the clothing for a long time. Dave is the Tailor for a lot people in my industry and is able to help me put together a wardrobe that I feel confident in. I look forward to getting dressed for work now. I also like the convenience and the compliments I get on how I dress. This would not happen without Dave's expertise. If I had to pick one aspect of working with Dave that I think is of most value to me, it would be his knowledge of what I need to wear to look my best. He 'goes the extra mile' to make sure we get it right."


Dave Olson

Tom James of San Francisco

"I have trusted Ben with my business clothing requirements for several years now. With Ben, it's more than the guality of the clothes. It's the attention to personal details, the convenience of service and the confident advice on fabrics, shirts and ties that set him apart. Dealing with Ben and Tom James makes the often daunting task of choosing work attire a pleasure."


Ben May

Tom James of Sydney

"My dealing with Patrick has been an excellent experience. Patrick is dedicated to his job and well experienced in making my needs met. Patrick will respond to my email when I send him something at 4am in the morning and never let me down when I need a suit, tailored need or ideas on my suits. I would recommend Patrick to anyone that care about how the look, dress and feel."


Patrick Davis

Tom James of Denver

"Robin has been great to deal with. Reliable and punctual. I LOVE the service he provides, coming to MY office to allow me to shop for clothes. I really appreciate that it is a significant time saver for me."


Robin Hoare

Tom James of Vancouver

"In 17 years of wearing a suit and tie to work each week I had never purchased something made custom for me, until my 1st Tom James purchase earlier this year. What a difference. Add to this the attentive service and convenience of buying from a professional clothier who will meet you in your office to fit you and place your purchase. My experience with Tom James was exceptional, and I suspect this is the standard with this company."


Jennifer Kautzky

Tom James of Seattle

"Michael has provided me with great service with the clothing lines available through the Tom James Company, the world's largest manufacturer and retailer of custom clothing. Michael is a very friendly guy who doesn't push products on you, but will provide advice and options to help you expand your wardrobe to fit your business or casual clothing needs. I recommend you check out Michael's services and products if you need to expand or freshen up your closet selection."


Michael Bissonnette

Tom James of Minneapolis

From Our Clients

"I can dress nicely in the highest quality of clothing that actually makes me look like I know what I am doing thanks to Greg Pittman and Tom James clothing. The personal service and convenience make shopping for clothes quick and painless. I can't imagine a better alternative...."

Custom Clothier Greg Pittman

Greg Pittman

Tom James of Cary

"Daniel is an excellent clothier. He will come to your office and outfit you with all your clothing needs. He is very customer oriented and will respect your time. If you are looking for great suits or other clothing and hate to shop, let Daniel do the work for you."

Custom Clothier Daniel Wiebracht

Daniel Wiebracht

Tom James of East Texas
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