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"Liisa provides a first class, personal service in a traditionally difficult area. She is a real expert, able to make informed recommendations and the quality of the finished article is of the highest quality. I have recommended her to friends and colleagues, who have all been extremely complimentary about her approach, service and product."


Liisa Lister

Tom James of Midlands

"Sarina has been wonderful to work with, and I am very happy with the quality of the clothes I purchased as a result of her recommendations. The measurements taken were much more detailed than I am accustomed to at other clothing stores. These measurements resulted in pants and shirts that fit me better than anything I have purchased in the past. I highly recommend Sarina, and I endorse the quality of her work."


Sarina Klosterman

Tom James of Madison

"I have purchased several suits through Robin. I am pleased not only with the quality of the suits, but also with the high level of personal service, including office visits for measurements. I would not hesitate to recommend Robin’s services for distinctive well-tailored clothes at lower cost and better service than through a retail store."


Robin Hoare

Tom James of Vancouver

"I have been working with Whit for a number of years and always appreciate his professionalism and knowledge. He is the consummate professional that understands his trade and applies it at the highest level.  Tom James has always had consistent, top quality products."


Whit Behrens

Tom James of San Francisco

"I have dealt with Jim for about 12 years now and I am still wearing suits that I bought from him in 2003. I started with them in 2000 after spending a bunch of money on a few cheap suits. I learned there is a huge difference in clothing quality. I think you will be happy with Jim if you decide to buy something. The prices are a bit steep at first but if you average it out over time you come WAAAY ahead with quality clothing. Jim has a cool way of setting up your wardrobe to keep you in style and out of the poorhouse!!"


James Poston

Tom James of Greenville

"The custom suits I own have become my favorite go-to suits for the courtroom and have now lasted through several years of wear and tear. "


Bill Lambert

Tom James of Boston

"I've enjoyed and appreciated the quality clothing and excellent personal service without the need to go to a store to shop."


Eddie McClain

Tom James of Jacksonville

"I've worked with Tom James and Tim Smith for over 16 years. I have been consistently impressed with the quality of clothing and the attention to customer service. Tim is always very responsive and has suggested new trends and fabrics. Slowly, Tim has helped move me from exclusively oxxford cloth shirts to more distinctive colors and prints. In addition, the ties I've added to my wardrobe receive the highest compliments. I look sharper and more contemporary. I am confident providing a stellar recommendation for both the company and Tim."


Tim Smith

Tom James of Phoenix

"It was 24 years ago in Columbia when I purchased my first jacket from you. I still have it today and it looks brand new. Needless to say, the quality and custom fit of your clothes, 'Tom James', have been excellent and consistent. I have always found shopping to be a hassle and not having to go to the store saves me personal time. The fact that Tom James and Doug Oyer also deliver what they promise is a bonus."


Doug Oyer

Tom James of Charleston

"Lawrence Kim's seamless and professional approach ensured that high quality custom fit suits and trousers were made for me.  I really appreciated Lawrence's advice and help in picking out fabrics, selecting the appropriate cut and how flexible he was to meet me at my office at convenient times in my busy calendar.  I'm looking forward to seeing the next suit I've ordered with him, as I really love the one I just got."


Lawrence Kim

Tom James of New York

"I have worked with Sheika for a number of years and she has been tremendous. She is extremely professional and personable and has excellent ideas. The quality of the clothing from Tom James far exceeds anything you can obtain off the rack and is well worth the small additional cost. I highly recommend Sheika to anyone, male or female, looking to acquire perfectly fitting business or professional casual clothing."


Sheika Mancle

Tom James of Washington DC

"Dear Paul, just a short note to thank you for your excellent service over the last few years. You have been supplying suits to me for nearly five years and what you said on day one in that you pay for quality but you get that back in the long run has certainly been true. Once again many thanks."


Paul Ibbotson

Tom James of Leeds

"Had suit and shirts and ties made by Tom James… Dave was very professional and the measurements and fittings went smoothly. Great quality clothes."


David Shepard

Tom James of Memphis

"Tom James enables me to look professional with maximum convenience and absolute confidence in the quality I will receive.  My sales representative knows what I like and always comes prepared with a selection tailored to my individual preferences and with new ideas to keep me up to date.  I could not be more satisfied with the level of service and quality of products that I have enjoyed for many years now.  Keep up the good work!"


Steve Oberdin

Tom James of Omaha

From Our Clients


Custom Clothier Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas

Tom James of Chicago Downtown

"Dave is a true professional. For anyone in need of high quality, made-to-order garments, I would suggest scheduling an appointment with Dave."

Custom Clothier David Shepard

David Shepard

Tom James of Memphis
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