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"My experience with Tom James has been excellent. Their team are professionals. They listen carefully to your needs and make great recommendations with your wardrobe decisions. The quality of clothing and fitting is superior."


Lawrence Kim

Tom James of New York

"Lawrence Kim's seamless and professional approach ensured that high quality custom fit suits and trousers were made for me. I really appreciated Lawrence's advice and help in picking out fabrics, selecting the appropriate cut and how flexible he was to meet me at my office at convenient times in my busy calendar. I'm looking forward to seeing the next suit I've ordered with him, as I really love the one I just got."


Lawrence Kim

Tom James of New York

"I have been buying my suits and shirts from Jennifer now for two years. I am pleased with the quality and selection of clothes available at TJ. Jennifer does a great job in recommending items based on my personal preferences. Thanks for helping me look my best."


Jennifer Kautzky

Tom James of Seattle

"Kim Keller has been my clothier since 1996. The advantages of using Kim is getting the right colors for my skin tone, the right fit, how to mix, match, separation from casual and business all of which would not come from a department store. Tom James part is a quality product that will last."


Kim Keller

Tom James of Dallas

"I purchased my first tailored suit from Ben and was greatly impressed by the final product. Even at the fist fitting, the suit felt right. This is testament to Ben's skill and care throughout the fitting process."


Ben Mayer

Tom James of Brisbane

"The fit of my suits and shirts is always tailored to my physical measurements. I have always been more than pleased with the quality of fittings. Both (Ralph Decker) and Tom James take great pride in the fit of their suits and do not accept anything short of perfect. I have found that the quality of the fabrics in the suits is amazingly durable. I am very hard on clothing and appreciate how my Tom James suits hold up and wear incredibly well. Ralph Decker knows his clients very well and is always prepared to suggest fabrics. I can say without question that the selection offered by Tom James is unmatched by any retail store you will find. As important as the fit, quality and selection of the fabrics is the personalized treatment Tom James provides. Most men hate to shop for suits. Ralph Decker comes to my office to meet with him. I heartily recommend your company, and yourself as its representative, to anyone interested in addressing their clothing needs."


Ralph Decker

Tom James of St Louis

"Thank you for working around my schedule and for providing a wonderfully positive and helpful service. It seems that each time we meet, I end up discovering things I need in my wardrobe that I had been too busy to realize. I think that's probably the greatest service you provide for today's busy professionals. Plus, the beautiful, custom, top quality clothing offered by Tom James is just not available locally. Best wishes for your continued success."


Randy Womack

Tom James of Roanoke

"I have dealt with Jim for about 12 years now and I am still wearing suits that I bought from him in 2003. I started with them in 2000 after spending a bunch of money on a few cheap suits. I learned there is a huge difference in clothing quality. I thin."


James Poston

Tom James of Greenville

"I have been working Nate Rissi, my Tom James representative, for a number of years. I have found Nate to be very helpful and knowledgeable regarding my need for professional apparel. I have enjoyed my association with him and Tom James. I appreciate both the selection and quality of the suits that Tom James offers, and I think that you will too!"


Nate Rissi

Tom James of Minneapolis

"I have worked with Sheika for a number of years and she has been tremendous. She is extremely professional and personable and has excellent ideas. The quality of the clothing from Tom James far exceeds anything you can obtain off the rack and is well worth the small additional cost. I highly recommend Sheika to anyone, male or female, looking to acquire perfectly fitting business or professional casual clothing."


Sheika Mancle

Tom James of Washington DC

"The custom suits I own have become my favorite go-to suits for the courtroom and have now lasted through several years of wear and tear."


Bill Lambert

Tom James of Boston

"I have had the pleasure of working with Tom James since the early 90s, both in Connecticut and the DC area. The quality of the goods has never been in doubt and the personalized service have made for a great experience."


Brian Green

Tom James of Washington DC

"I have known Daniel for many years and can recommend him and his services without hesitation. Daniel is a very resilient and resourceful individual who reallly listens to his cleints. He is very approachable and an expert in his field. The clothing he sells is of very good quality and he stands behind his product. ."


Daniel Shakeshaft

Tom James of Chicago Downtown

"When I first met Ashley I was purchasing my suits and shirts at department stores. Ashley made me comfortable buying my clothes without having to leave my office. The suits and shirts that I have bought through Ashley are very good quality and she has good ideas about mixing and matching the different styles of clothes she has available through Tom James. I would recommend Ashley to anyone looking to upgrade their wardrobe."


Ashley McCarthy

Tom James of Atlanta

From Our Clients

"Katie is an amazing person who takes time with her clients and it shows. Any time that I have a question regarding fashion or what to wear to a event Katie is there. Take the time (to meet) because she can make your life a whole lot easier."

Custom Clothier Katelin Fore

Katelin Fore

Tom James of Austin

"If you's clothing but don't like the hassle of shopping..., I highly recommend (Tom James)."

Custom Clothier Adam Highsmith

Adam Highsmith

Tom James of Charlotte
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