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"Tom James has been a wonderful company to work with over the last 4 years. With a busy schedule it takes the hassle out of buying new clothes. Their products are superior and the sales people are very good at helping me match solutions to my needs and helping me with styles. An anecdotal measure of success is that I am always complimented when wearing new clothes purchased from Tom James. Prices are reasonable and products and services are great. I'd highly recommend anyone give them a try."


Brian Hopkins

Tom James of Minneapolis

"I have limited choices when it comes to off the shelf because I am 6' 4 and 285 lbs and other stores like ... do offer sizes that are in the ballpark but never fit right. With TJ that is not an issue. From day 1 the clothes fit like a glove and looked great. The quality is incredible, I have now had my clothes for 5 years and they are still in good shape. Try that with off the shelf! You pay a little more upfront but you don't have to replace them after a year or 2. ."


Bill Lambert

Tom James of Boston

"Outstanding Value and Service immediately come to mind when thinking about my Tom James experience. Clothing options are always on-trend, and allow me to achieve that tailor-made look without the exorbitant price. And my personal haberdasher, Ingrid, always goes above and beyond to keep me well-dressed. When I needed a custom-made tux on two weeks notice, she managed every detail to make certain everything was perfect."


Ingrid Geiseman

Tom James of Omaha

"At first, I was a little hesitant about custom clothing, but after giving it a try I am sold and convinced this is really the only way men should purchase (dress) clothes. Working with Matthew is easy, and he always follows up and goes out of his way to accommodate my schedule. While custom clothes are more expensive, Matthew always makes sure I receive added value by providing expert consultation and convenience in addition to well constructed, perfectly fitting clothes. I look forward to continuing to work with Matthew as I upgrade and build out my professional wardrobe."


Matthew Kyprianides

Tom James of Chicago Downtown

"I use Dave Olson and Tom James because they understand how important style, appearance, comfort and quality are to the individual consumer. Dave provides valuable insight and fashion expertise to help shape my image and keep me current with the trends in the industry. Combine Dave's expertise with the high quality craftsmanship of Tom James clothing and it becomes a winning combination that you can't get anywhere else."


Dave Olson

Tom James of San Francisco

"My clothier Matte (as I have gotten to know Stephen Matte) has changed my attitude towards the way I dress. I went from wearing boxy off the rack shirts and suits to wearing custom-made, well-tailored pieces of garment. Matte is very personable, knowledgeable, and has a great taste in fashion himself. With a little help and an affordable price tag I get to feel comfortable and look good every day. Tom James is a go!"


Stephen Matte

Tom James of New York

"Sarina Klosterman is not a sales representative. She is a consultant who helps me present a confident, sharp image to the world. She makes sure that the clothes you buy truly fit and look sharp. I'm wearing Tom James clothes I bought 14 years ago. The initial cost -- which is less than what 'good clothes' cost at fine men's stores -- is worth it in longer wear, better appearance and great comfort. Sarina is knowledgeable, personable and responsive. She's a great choice for wardrobe consulting!"


Sarina Klosterman

Tom James of Madison

"I've been working with Whit for about 15 years now and really appreciate the fact that he (and Tom James) have helped me professionalize the process of managing my rotation of clothes. We meet a couple of times a year in my office and within a couple of weeks a fresh collection of cool new clothes starts to show up. All of it is tailored to fit me, complements my existing wardrobe, and is of a higher quality than I would be able to buy off the rack from a retail store. The whole process is time-efficient, cost-effective, and results in my closet being a much more interesting place to visit every morning."


Whit Behrens

Tom James of San Francisco

"I have worked with Jennifer Kautzky for the past several years and have found her to be very helpful in guiding me to stretch the limits as far as wardrobe selections. Both in design and fabrics, her service and timing has been top notch. The value she brings to the table is well thought out and based on several years of experience working with executives who care how they present themselves.She is part of My team."


Jennifer Kautzky

Tom James of Seattle

"The clothes fit better, feel better, look better and last longer!"


Naresh Khanna

Tom James of Buckhead

"I've been working with Joseph for three or four years now. The man is very good at what he does. He takes the time to learn your comfort zone with regard to apparel and budget and works within both. I highly recommend him."


Joseph McCoy

Tom James of Portland

"My husband has purchased several custom made suits, shirts as well as neckties and pocket squares from Paul. Paul looked in my husband's closet to see what he currently had and designed the Tom James wardrobe to fill in and complement what he already owned. ... the value is hard to beat. He is extremely pleased with his selections and has referred Paul to other friends. My husband has never looked better. The fit is superb and the fabric choices are timeless."


Paul Mckeon

Tom James of Columbia

"I'd like to recommend Joe Price for anyone who is looking to determine their optimum professional look and wardrobe. Joe is very thoughtful and client oriented professional, who first endeavors to understand his clients' perspective and objectives before offering potential products and solutions. He's knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with, all while appreciating the value of a dollar."


Joseph Price

Tom James of Charlotte

"I had been a customer of Tom James for several years ... I have always valued her (Kim Keller's) advice as I have purchased suits, sport coats, slacks and accessories from the company through her. My resources are relatively limited so I have always appreciated her attitude about what I consider to be a significant investment. She has alerted me to opportunities to save on my purchases while maintaining high value. She has an excellent eye for accessorizing and her talents for getting the proper fit are second to none. Everyone enjoys compliments on their attire, and I get them regularly!"


Kim Keller

Tom James of Dallas

From Our Clients

"I have and continue to recommend Tom James in general and Ben Lawler in particular as my favorite haberdasher. I receive metropolitan service and have access to fashion and accessories that would otherwise require travel to St. Louis. Thanks for all your efforts."

Custom Clothier Ben Lawler

Ben Lawler

Tom James of St Louis

"Wade has done a very nice job with my wardrobe..."

Custom Clothier Wade Anding

Wade Anding

Tom James of Milwaukee
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