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"Keith Brown is a trusted professional who has provided me with high quality clothing and expert advice for years. His services save me a tremendous amount of time."


Keith Brown

Tom James of Charlotte

"We just wanted to thank you for all the help with the tuxedo as well as fulfilling Rob's clothing requirements over the past 4 years. We had a great time at our wedding and on the honeymoon in Italy. Thanks again."


Brianne Porpora

Tom James of New York

"Eddie McClain of Tom James has provided excellent service to me for 23 years.  The suits I have bought look and feel excellent.  Mr. McClain has been a great help to me in choosing the right suits each year.  I would strongly recommend Eddie McClain and Tom James to any professional who cares about his appearance."


Eddie McClain

Tom James of Jacksonville

"Dave. One of a kind. He will always have your best interest in mind with the best quality service and product available. He is a true assest to his profession. I would highly recommend him to anyone!!!"


David Shepard

Tom James of Memphis

"Daniel is a talented and dedicated clothier; I relied on his taste and recommendations for years. I also quickly learned that I could rely on his punctuality and dedication; he stands by his work and his firm's work. As it is, he is the first person I will turn to with special or difficult requests."


Daniel Wiebracht

Tom James of East Texas

"Katie's work was exceptional. She guided me through a process that enabled me to visualize and ultimately realize my true potential. She also models what she promotes - professionalism and quality, with a dose of style. I would recommend her to any business professional looking to step up their game through attire!"


Katelin Fore

Tom James of Austin

"Before I met Dave Olson and Tom James I hated shopping for clothing.  The salesmen you have to deal with at the Department stores are never helpful and I ended up not liking anything that I bought.  Working with Dave, buying new clothing is fun and I like the clothing for a long time.  Dave is the Tailor for a lot people in my industry and is able to help me put together a wardrobe that I feel confident in.  I look forward to getting dressed for work now.  I also like the convenience and the compliments I get on how I dress.  This would not happen without Dave's expertise.  If I had to pick one aspect of working with Dave that I think is of most value to me, it would be his knowledge of what I need to wear to look my best.  He 'goes the extra mile' to make sure we get it right."


Dave Olson

Tom James of San Francisco

"Great knowledge on his products. He will go the extra mile, making sure your garments are exactly what you ordered. After the sale, he will check in with you, making sure the garments are exactly what you expected. If anything needs to be altered, fixed, or changed, he will stop by and ensure it gets completed. Give Evan a call and you will see why I recommend him."


Evan Miller

Tom James of Jacksonville

"As a new client of Tom James, I didn’t know what to expect. I was thoroughly impressed with the service, timeliness and quality of my order. I would recommend Tom James to anyone in the GTA looking for an extensive line of custom clothing. Thanks Michelle for your expertise!"


Michelle Greenlees

Tom James of Toronto

"Hank's sales ability is top notch! He is willing to listen, recommend new things, and also know when it is not the right time! I am happy to be a client of his as well as a friend!"


Hank Lee

Tom James of Denver

"I've known Ben for a short time but it feels like I've known him for much longer. He goes beyond the basic service approach of most providers. He takes time to provide more than quality clothing - he gets to know you. He wants to understand your needs and passions. Before I discovered Tom James, I owned suits. Now, I experience a suit. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you first put on a suit tailored for you. It feels and looks great. It feels natural. Ben takes that feeling seriously. I don't regret getting my suits from Tom James; I only regret not getting one sooner."


Ben Lawler

Tom James of St Louis

"Katie has repeatedly gone the extra mile with her personalized customer service to consistently meet my high expectations and even maintain the utmost affability during the experience. Very highly recommended."


Katelin Fore

Tom James of Austin

"Robin is a pleasure to do business with and he goes out of his way to accommodate his customers."


Robin Hoare

Tom James of Vancouver

"I am particularly pleased with the service, quality and fabric selection.  I can't imagine buying suits any other way."


Bill Lambert

Tom James of Boston

From Our Clients

"Doug is suited to your professional life as well as the Tom James clothes are. He is in touch periodically without being intrusive and is always available - and he knows clothes better than you do. I recommend him highly."

Custom Clothier Doug Oyer

Doug Oyer

Tom James of Charleston

"Having someone make suggestions about which shirts and ties to coordinate with an outfit has been invaluable."

Custom Clothier Paul Ibbotson

Paul Ibbotson

Tom James of Leeds
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