Women's Spring/Summer Lookbook

Women's Custom Professional Clothing by Tom James

Custom Clothes for the working woman

In the modern-day working environment, it’s more important than ever for your wardrobe to not only look the part, but to provide you with all day comfort too. It’s important that your clothes fit and move with you, while also expressing your personal style by highlighting everything that makes you who you are!

Designed with a woman in mind, there are almost 100 different styles of custom suits, jackets, dresses, skirts and pants available with a variety of cloths to choose from. You and your personal clothier can design a wardrobe that exemplifies your personality while reinforcing your professionalism.

Bespoke Women's Clothing Models

Different models that meet your professional and social needs

Why our clients love our professional women's attire


Garments are made for you!

The first thing I appreciate about Tom James; I love working with Rebecca, she always will give me sound advice and expertise when making recommendations on clothing pieces, she'll keep track of what I've been purchasing from her so when she makes recommendations she's making sure that what I'm buying might complement what I already own, she's making sure that I'm wearing styles that are fitting for my age and my clientele when they come in, making sure that I'm professional.

Jana Festler

Financial Advisor, Edward Jones
Minneapolis, MN


On your time - your space.
Our clothiers meet with you.

As a busy professional who prefers not to shop and has difficulty finding clothes that fit, Tom James has been a lifesaver. (My clothier) meets with me on my time schedule in my own office and the clothes fit amazing as they are tailored specifically to me.

Deb Schoneman

President, Piper Sandler Companies
Minneapolis, MN


Your style. Your preferences.

I get to pick out the linings, the buttons, the color of the button holes, all those details that you don’t really get to pick when you’re picking something off the rack... I get to have fun shopping with my friend and I get to do it at home, where I can be completely comfortable. I love working with Tom James and I know you will, too!

Ginny Phillippi

Sr. Vice President, Suntrust Bank/Truist Bank
Atlanta, GA


Styling advice and more fabric selections.

Utlizing Tom James I have cut back on the need to visit the malls and shop around for hours and hours. It's simple and easy; they have my measurements, my clothier sends me ideas...gives me direction on various fabrics and styles and I now have a whole closet of Tom James suits.

Haley Crum

President, FrankCrum Staffing
Tampa, FL

High-Fashion Fabrics

Created with women's style and comfort in mind.

When we re-launched our Women’s Custom Clothing line in 2020, we sourced a variety of fabrics specifically woven with a women’s style, sensibility, and shape in mind. Now in 2022, you can choose from lightweight, breathable solids with bold textures, or more traditional wools, silks and cashmeres to curate a wardrobe that is cohesive with your persona.

When you are able to pick the perfect cloth and have it made into a flawless garment, the possibilities grow beyond the outfit you find from a department store rack that just so happens to fit. Work with your clothier to create a capsule of complementary garments that work together to create multiple outfits. Get what you want, how you want it, and look your best every day.

Women's Custom Professional Clothing by Tom James
Tom James Women's Boucle Cloth Tom James Women's Boucle Cloth Tom James Women's Boucle Cloth Tom James Women's Boucle Cloth Tom James Women's Crepe Cloth Tom James Women's Crepe Cloth Tom James Women's Crepe Cloth Tom James Women's Crepe Cloth

Questions about Custom Clothing

The majority of our clothing is manufactured in our own factories. Our suits are produced in various locations, ensuring quality craftsmanship. Here is a list of our manufacturing facilities.

  • Oxxford Clothing - Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • English American Tailoring - Westminster, Maryland, USA
  • Individualized Shirts - Perth Amboy, New Jersey, USA
  • Measure Up Shirts - LaFayette, Tennessee, USA
  • Franklin Clothing - Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Coppley - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • Tom James Chile - Santiago, Chile

At Tom James, we offer an extensive array of customization options for both shirts and suits. Tailor the fit, choose from premium fabrics, and select your preferred garment model. Customize the jacket with lapel shape, size, and button configurations. Express individuality with unique linings and buttons, and fine-tune details like buttonhole thread colors. Personalize trousers with belt loop preferences, cuffs, and pleats. For shirts, choose collar shapes, types, and unique details like contrasting elements and monograms. Our customization options ensure that each garment reflects your unique style, providing a personalized touch to your wardrobe.

Standard Monograms are complimentary on your first order. For subsequent orders, there is an additional charge of $15. For shirts at our Royal Classic make and above, standard monograms are included at no extra cost. Custom signature monograms and logo monograms are available for an additional cost.

Each item crafted in our factories undergoes a blind measurement process. Measurements are taken of finished pieces before knowing the intended measurements, ensuring a fair test. This meticulous approach allows us to maintain strict quality control, ensuring that all pieces fit within our tolerance allowances.

For coats and jackets, our tolerance allowances for key measurements are as follows:

  • Point To Point (-0.25, +0.375)
  • Coat Length (-0.25, + 0.5)
  • Sleeves (-0.25, +0.25)
  • Half Girth (-0.25, +0.375)

Similarly, for pants, our tolerance allowances for key measurements are as follows:

  • Waist (-0.5, 0)
  • Seat Skin/Finished (-1, 0)
  • Outseams (-0.5, +0.5)
  • Knee (-0.5, +0.5)
  • Bottom (-0.5, +0.5)

If you're not completely satisfied with your custom garments, we are committed to making it right. We offer alterations to address any concerns, and if needed, we will remake the garments until they meet your absolute satisfaction.

To truly appreciate what we offer, we recommend you start with a package that includes a custom jacket, bottom & shirt. Whether it’s a full suit, a sportcoat & trousers, or a jacket and skirt, wearing that with a custom shirt or blouse completes the look.

Depending on the make, our jackets are constructed with a half or full-length floating (not fused) horsehair canvas. This ensures that your jacket moves with you, lays better on your body, and lasts longer.

All of our jacket armholes, regardless of make, are hand-stitched to give more moveability and longevity and also include an extra layer of lining to protect your garment from perspiration.

Our trousers include a heel strap that protects the back of your cuff from damage.

Upon delivery, your clothier will provide tailored care instructions for each garment and fabric. Additionally, you can also check out our blog on preserving the elegance of your suit.

Custom - Custom suits are meticulously crafted with your unique measurements in mind. A tailor takes precise measurements, considering factors such as the slope of your shoulders and hips, as well as the length of your legs, to create a tailored pattern just for you.

Made-to-Measure - Made-to-measure suits start with a basic or standard pattern. A tailor then takes your measurements and adjusts the pattern to ensure a personalized fit.

Bespoke - Bespoke, a term derived from the British meaning 'spoken for,' represents the epitome of tailoring. These suits, adorned with over 1,000 hand stitches in the lapel alone, are meticulously fitted to hug the body. Bespoke suits are considered the pinnacle of the sartorial world, requiring no pressing for a flawless appearance.

Depending on the selected level of make, Tom James offers suits that can be made-to-measure, custom, or fully bespoke.

Make #1 - Oxxford Bespoke

The highest quality garment in the world, 100% handmade in Chicago, Illinois U.S.A. Also available as a basted try-on.

Make #2 - Ventura Bespoke

The highest quality 90% handmade garment in the world, also made in Chicago, Illinois U.S.A.

Make #3 - Royal Classic

The highest quality custom-made garment in the world, with 80% handwork. Made in Westminster, Maryland, U.S.A.

Make #4 - Executive Collection

The highest quality Made to Measure garment in the world, with 70% handwork. Also made in Westminster, Maryland U.S.A., and coming soon, Ontario, Canada.

Make #5 - Corporate Image

The highest quality Special Order garment in the world, tailored with 60% handwork in Santiago, Chile. Tom James Chile began production eight years ago, the first five of which were spent manufacturing for the South American market while our operators gained expertise in making garments the Tom James way. All of Tom James’ production facilities operate with the same systems, including Tom James Chile.

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If we're a good fit, our clothier will meet with you in your home or office at your conveinience.

We use your zip code to align you with the nearest Tom James Clothier. We use your email and phone number to contact you and schedule your wardrobe consultation. See our Privacy Policy for details.


"Daniel was very attentive and works hard to please the customer. He takes a genuine interest in his clients."

Custom Clothier Daniel Wiebracht

Daniel Wiebracht

Tom James of East Texas

"I have been purchasing clothing from (Bob) for more than 15 years. I wear suits to work every day and those that Bob sells maintain their fit for many years. I have bought off the rack suits from other well known men's clothing stores and they simply do not compare. A well made suit from him will cost more, but will last three or four times longer than those other suits. His will look better after three years wear than the others do new. When professional appearance is important to your job, it is likely that when you step into a meeting with one of Bob's suits, you will be the best dressed person there. I can't recommend him highly enough."

Custom Clothier Bob Runfola

Bob Runfola

Tom James of Raleigh
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