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1927 S. Tryon St
Unit 103, Suite 105
Charlotte, NC 28203

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Tom James Company is the world's largest manufacturer of custom clothing. We make high quality custom suits and custom dress shirts for busy professionals in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. We also provide all of the furnishings needed to complete your custom look. Our highly-trained bespoke tailors at Tom James of Charlotte come directly to your home or office, saving you valuable time.

What Charlotte
Clients Have to Say

Duncan has helped me in multiple ways. He is very easy to work with and delivers exactly what is promised. I have enjoyed the clothes I have purchased but more importantly the service delivered. It is a major time saver to have him come to the office and help.'

Clothier: Duncan Ham

Duncan Ham

Thank you for the prompt service. I appreciate your effort and attention to detail to get me ready and tailored in such a short time. I was very happy with the tuxedo and the recommendations you provided. I can't thank you enough.'

Clothier: Patrick Johnson

Patrick Johnson

Thank you for what was an amazing shopping experience. I was completely new to the custom tailored clothes shopping experience. I thought for sure I was in over my head. My fears ranged from the financial, (can I really afford this?) to the stylistic, (I have no idea what good clothes look like.) The suit looks amazing, feels fantastic and most importantly, my wife was blown away by how well the suit fit me. I will refer as many friends as possible.'

Clothier: Adam Highsmith

Adam Highsmith

Lindsay and the Tom James Company have made my life a lot simpler. They take care of my wardrobe and advise me on what to wear for every occasion. I would highly recommend this to every busy business man.'

Clothier: Lindsay Curby

Lindsay Curby

Adam has been coming to my office for years to show me the line of clothing at the Tom James Company. He is very personable, very easy to work with, knowledgeable, and always punctual. If you like buying men's clothing but don't like the hassle of shopping at different stores, I highly recommend that you talk to Adam.'

Clothier: Adam Highsmith

Adam Highsmith

Adam and I have done business for a few years and he is the sole reason I do business with Tom James. Adam is not only professional but his willingness to go that extra mile for his clients is something I appreciate. Relationships are important to him and doing what is right for his clients is evident in everything he does. I personally would suggest anyone that is considering Tom James should call Adam first. You will not be disappointed.'

Clothier: Adam Highsmith

Adam Highsmith

Duncan is a talented professional who provides a remarkably high level of service. He takes the time to get to know his clients and what they’re looking to accomplish before making his recommendations. I've thoroughly enjoyed my opportunities to work with him, look forward to more, and highly encourage you to follow suit.'

Clothier: Duncan Ham

Duncan Ham

My Favorite part was having Joe be able to pull up my entire wardrobe (on the iPad) when I was selecting my new clothes. Really glad you guys jumped on board and continue to raise the bar.'

Clothier: Joseph Price

Joseph Price

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