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Shelter from the Storm: Warm and Dry in Luxury Outerwear

imageWe may never know with certainty what Dylan was singing about in “Shelter from the Storm.” He probably wasn’t singing about luxury outerwear, but one thing is for sure: We all experience times when our first thought is to get some shelter, protection or relief, whether from the weather or from one of life’s difficulties.

With respect to cold or wet weather the goal is simple: warm and dry.  You could just go inside, build a fire in the fireplace, pour yourself a beverage that warms your insides, and snuggle up with someone you love.  But alas, there are places to go and work to be done, some of which requires being outside in the weather – bitterly cold winter weather.

When you are out there, you will need a layer of protection that is appropriate to wear over whatever else you are wearing.  Last year at this time we published a simple guide to choosing outerwear to help you decide what you need depending on how you dress for business and your lifestyle.  And for a full range of options to choose from, our 12Essentials line up for this month has you covered.

imageOf particular note this season – new to our line up of outerwear – is an updated version of the ridiculously handsome classic: The pea coat or P-coat.   The U.S. Navy issue pea coat is black.  The one we offer is too.  Whether originating with pilots or sailors, the style can be worn with a flannel pant, khakis, cords, or any five-pocket pant like jeans.  Wear it to the game, to the office, on a date, or on Thanksgiving Day.

If you haven’t done so recently, let this be the year that you invest in a range of outwear and accessories like scarves and gloves that will allow you to be comfortable and looking like the success that you are, no matter what storms you may be facing.