Planning Your Original Wedding

Making your Wedding Day uniquely Yours

If you have been following this blog for a while you may recall that we wrote about weddings earlier this year. We even included some thoughts for the all important Father of the Bride. Weddings are a topic we like (and that we are good at), so we are at it again. Rumor has it that lots of people are still tying the knot and are, in fact, more enthusiastic than ever about every detail and nuance that will ensure a positively memorable occasion.

Get ready this month to learn how to craft an awesome Best Man’s speech, how to be a Wedding Crasher (actually just how to be a really great guest), and to hear from a few recent “Real Grooms” about their experience. But for now, all you would be grooms, consider how you want your day to unfold.

“This one is authentic,” said the art dealer. “It’s not a copy. It’s a true original.” That was music to the ears of the owner of the painting in question. The value we place on an original almost always far exceeds that of any copy. In fact, certain kinds of copying, plagiarism in particular, we despise and reject. Duplicating and copying can provide the virtue of consistency but also the safe and forgettable qualities of conformity, the near opposite of authenticity and idealism.

Albeit more rare than common, any amount of originality and authenticity that we perceive in another person is endearing and heightens their likeability. It also tends to walk hand in hand with more courageous and purposeful living, a willingness to conform less and risk more. In the microcosm of weddings, modern couples are progressively breaking with a strict conformity to tradition and getting married in ways that uniquely and authentically express what they believe and envision for their lives together. (Note: Judging from the pictures we are getting, more kissing appears to be a trend. And really, who could blame them?)

Are you getting married in the near future?

If you were to break it down, how would you describe your ideal day?

Sarah and Oliver said that they wanted their wedding to be about love and community, and, of course, to be EPIC! The epic element (could have been a super secret wedding dance, but I’m not tellin’) no doubt required some extra effort on the part of someone, but more than worth it for the lifetime of memories.

A Wedding Day is tailor made to be a day full of idealism: a day full of beautiful people and clothing and other things; a day punctuated by magnanimous promises and magnificent gestures; a public expression of how two individuals intend to unite their lives and progress toward a shared vision.

And what is the most important visual element in this idealistic drama?

  • The place? Important, yes.
  • The props? Crucial in any drama.
  • But, the clothes (costumes) worn by the wedding party, and particularly the bride and groom, are a true extension of the couple’s individual personalities and collective personality.

For the groom, the options to customize and personalize your wedding clothes are vast and numerous. Depending on the venue and the personality of the couple, grooms are wearing a broad range of color and more of it. And while always elegant, the look can run from beach party casual to the height of formality.

As you think through the details, elements, and features of your special day, leave no stone unturned. From the rings, to the party favors, table centerpieces, reception activities, the possibilities are there to put your personal stamp on it in way that will create a day for the record books and be a most fitting kickoff to your life together.

Do you have a wedding story to share? Don’t hold back. Please share you epic tale, simple tip for the groom or best man, or favorite wedding memory.

Applauding your authenticity,


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