Suit Project pays it forward!

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One day last month the lives of twenty five men in St. Louis were changed for the better and forever by the simple gift of a tailored suit.

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The men are of varying ages and backgrounds, but have two particulars in common: serious and persistent mental health challenges coupled with a strong desire to join or re-join the workforce. The gift of a suit (with coordinating shirt and tie) came their way through a partnership of  two St. Louis based non-profits, Suit Project: St. Louis and Independence Center: Restoring Lives.

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The mission of The Suit Project is to provide professional business attire to deserving individuals in need, toward the goal of eliminating the barriers caused by financial inequality and unfortunate circumstances throughout all aspects of life.  Tom James professional Ben Lawler is one the organization’s three co-founders.  Since their founding in 2012 The Suit Project of St. Louis has grown each year and has given well over 2,000 suits and sport coats to deserving individuals who needed the help.  The Suit Project is active in St. Louis and Memphis, with plans to open in at least three more cities this year.  Late last year The Suit Project was able to help an Aspiring young student reach for the Stars!

St. Louis Suit Project 2015 195“Work is essential… it is the glue that binds us to society.” – Bob Harvey, Founding Director (Independence Center)


The Independence Center provides tools such as resume preparation, interview training, assistance with job searches, employment workshops, job placement services, on-the-job training and ongoing follow up.

The tailored suits provided by the Suit Project are not only helping those twenty five men make that ever-important first impression, but even more importantly, the appropriate professional clothing helps them to gain the confidence they need to succeed. For many of them, it’s critical to simply feel like they deserve it. It’s hard to state how important that is for anyone, let alone men with the additional challenges they are dealing with each day. Everyone involved agreed that “Seeing these men transformed by the gift of a suit was truly special for all of us.”

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Would you like to help the Suit Project fulfill their mission?

Do you have some business attire that is in good condition that you are ready to part with?

Why not donate them to a worthy cause that will put them to good use.  If you could use some assistance in properly donating that clothing, there is likely a Tom James professional in your area who would be happy to directly help or to at least point you in the right direction.

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