Hipsters for Non-Hipsters

I am not a hipster. At least I am not a hipster in the sociologically contemporary sense of the word. I have met a hipster, and have even had a conversation with one or two, but I myself am not a hipster (though I do like wearing gingham shirts.)

For those who aren’t quite up to speed, a hipster, in modern parlance, is generally a young adult/teen who connects more with alternative rather than mainstream values, fashion, music, and the like. If you prefer to wear western shirts, T-shirts with ironic sayings, over-sized eye frames, skinny jeans, or carry a courier bag, then you just might be a hipster. Evidently, trying to be ironic is fundamental to the hipster culture.

It may come as a relief to know that you don’t have to be an actual hipster to wear a hipster. If, in fact, you are someone who your friends consider to be hip, all-the-better, but even that is not a prerequisite. As recently as 1986, Huey Lewis and his band declared that it can even be “Hip to be Square.” So who’s to say exactly what is and is not “hip?” A hipster, however, is a jacket that bottoms out at right about… you guessed it… the hips.

Designed to be worn instead of a tailored sport jacket, a hipster is the perfect jacket for a fall weekend getaway, Thanksgiving at the In-laws, or a casual day at the office. If I were building a wardrobe of five essential coats for fall and winter, a hipster would be one of them.

Feeling hip…. in my hipster,


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