Get their attention…with Robert Graham

wclectic“May I have your attention?  May I have your attention, please?”  came the call over the public address system.  A fire drill? Another safety alert?  We’ve all been trained from a very tender age to stop whatever we  are doing and listen when such a call goes out.   A siren or flashing light is also designed to get our attention, but it’s usually not to announce anything pleasant.

Getting the attention of another (without sirens and flashing lights) in a way that also generates interest, desire, and favorable action (AIDA for you savvy marketing and sales people) is not always such a simple task.  It often requires an element of surprise or delight, something impressive, something capable of disrupting one’s train of thought, if even for just a moment.

Robert Graham (Robert Stock and Graham Fowler) menswear is designed with that in mind.  After serving a wake up call to menswear back in 2001 with a line of shirts that were bold, colorful and artistic, the brand has evolved into a full range of menswear that exhibits what they call “American Eclectic.”  From shirts to pants, socks to belts, some of their pieces speak with a quiet confidence, while others sing in full-voice.   In other words, you can move from one octave to another and turn the volume up or down, all while wearing Robert Graham, and definitely feeling confident every step of the way.


Robert Graham would be the first to tell you that their clothing and accessories are not for everyone.  They unabashedly design for the man who wants:

  • to live a more colorful life
  • to be “a cut above, not a cut-out.”
  • to have the confidence to paint his own picture.

Several of the early and most significant actors in founding the America that we know and love were men who fit that description.  They were men who had a strong sense of their own significance as well as the significance of the times they were living and what they were seeking to accomplish.  If Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were alive today they would be all over Robert Graham clothing.

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