Practical Luxury for your Complete Lifestyle: Holland & Sherry

“Make every day a Holland & Sherry day!”  

– Dougal Munro, President, Holland & Sherry, Inc.

For most of their 175 plus year history, Holland & Sherry has been known primarily as a standard setting provider of luxury cloth used by prestigious tailors and luxury tailored clothing brands. That legacy continues today, stronger than ever. The exciting news is that the Holland & Sherry story is writing new chapters, extending the brand to other aspects of a complete luxury lifestyle.

Building on a carefully crafted reputation, the Holland & Sherry label has been extended to include dress shirts and sport shirts, fine handmade neck wear, sweaters woven in Scotland from cashmere and silk, and jeans (and other pants)crafted in Pennsylvania from the most amazing 3-ply Italian denim, linen, cotton twill and cotton blends. This has made not only more probable, but in fact a regular occurrence, the actual living out of Dougal Munro’s frequent admonition to “Make every day a Holland & Sherry day!” For all but the most casual of days and occasions, a man can now be dressed practically from head-to-toe (from shoulder to ankle anyway) in Holland & Sherry clothing.

You might be thinking to yourself, “I understand investing in my more formal business clothing, but I don’t need to put as much into what I wear for business casual and on the weekends.” If that sounds like you, consider that “a man who knows how to dress appropriately when the rules aren’t as defined (as they are with traditional business dress) communicates confidence. Quiet confidence – the kind of confidence that people like to associate with.” (from Business Class:The Power of Personal Presence.)

Whether for formal, business, or a more casual social occasion, Holland & Sherry quality is for those who don’t want to or need to settle, but want to enjoy the very best.

Looking forward to my next Holland & Sherry day (otherwise known as tomorrow… if you know what I mean),


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  1. David in Tennessee

    I’ve owned many a pair of jeans over the years and I can say without reservation that my Holland & Sherry jeans are the most comfortable, best fitting brand I’ve ever owned. Best of all, they ‘out-style’ all others. I’ll never buy another brand again.

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