What’s in your Closet?


Client: Rhett McSweeney
Profession: Attorney representing Plaintiffs in Mass Tort
Website: http://www.westrikeback.com
Clothier: Matt Parsons – Minneapolis, MN

When they met in 2006, Rhett told Matt that if he could make him clothes that fit and style them to his personal taste and current fashion, then he would have a happy client for life. Matt told me, “I’m happy to say that we have been able to consistently do all of that.” Matt also mentioned that if you ever get invited to Mr. McSweeney’s St. Patrick’s Day party at the Mansion, you should clear your schedule and plan to attend.

TT: Tell me about your first suit. What color and style was it? Do you remember if you bought it for yourself or if it was a gift?
RM: My first suit was a gift from my Uncle Tom. He was an impeccable dresser. It was a three piece dark blue with a red pin stripe.

TT: How would you describe your style today? How is it different from when you first started in business?
RM: I style my wardrobe after JFK. Anything he would wear, I will wear.

TT: What are the most significant benefits that you get from wearing custom clothing and working with a clothing professional?
RM: I love that I can choose my own cloth and cut. I am not an off the rack build with a 46 chest and a 34 waist. I love the fit and how I feel when I wear clothes properly fitted. Having a custom tailor is the key to maintaining a professional wardrobe.

TT: What one thing do you know about dressing well and put into practice today that you wish you had learned sooner?
RM: Looking Professional helps you to be professional.

TT: What favorite piece of advice that relates to wardrobe and appearance do you most often offer up to younger associates?
RM: First impressions are a one- time affair. No do over’s.

TT: What is your favorite piece of clothing?
RM: I have a Blue Plaid Jacket that I love.

TT: What will be the next addition to your wardrobe?
RM: I have a new light blue Plaid Jacket coming and a three piece black suit with a red stripe. A lot like that first one I got from my Uncle Tom.

Insights from a Client and a Clothier. Thanks for sharing Rhett and Matt.

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