Wedding Blues

The new color for the modern Groom

Blue. The Blues. Blueberries and Bluebirds. Blue suede shoes (suddenly cool again?) and the deep blue sea. Blue sky thinking and nothing but blue skies do I see. The most popular dress shirts (not to mention white) are a seemingly endless variety of blues, and the multiple variations of denim blue are perhaps the most widely worn colors on the planet by men and women of all ages. By long-standing-tradition, the color pink is associated with young girls and blue – baby blue in particular – with boys. Though according to color expert Kate Smith, “blue is the least ‘gender specific’ color, having equal appeal to both men and women.”

With respect to weddings, the most familiar reference to blue (from and old English poem) goes like this: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. In that case, the something blue signifies purity, love, and fidelity. It is commonly thought that blue also symbolizes the virtues of trust, loyalty, wisdom, faith, and truth. Quite a great color is blue.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with wedding gray. We’ve certainly seen some awesome examples of that over the past three or four seasons. Gray has undeniable panache when done right. Black is a solid option. Not terribly creative, but always appropriate (especially if the celebration is in the evening and/or particularly formal.) Traditionally, blue has been popular for wedding accessories: ties, vests, etc. But what about making blue the primary, or at least the clear secondary? (Whatever the bride is wearing is, of course, always the primary.)

According to studies (lots of studies to be sure) blue is a masculine color. Dark blue has long been the preferred suit color for corporate America and most of the developed world. Presidents wear dark blue. Navy blue is the quintessential presentation, speech-giving, award receiving suit color. It’s a power color. Your wardrobe should include navy blue. But should you want to appear a little less serious and a shade friendlier, understanding, and “hip” on your wedding day, consider a bluer shade of blue.

When choosing the accessories that go with blue, consider bright shades of gold, orange, or red for high-impact or muted shades of purple, silver, or pink for a quieter approach.

Wearing blue is also an excellent choice even if you are simply attending the wedding of another.

Nothing but blue skies for you,


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