Proportional Challenges Dressing for your Body Type Part 7

Over the last week, we’ve helped Rob look his best while on a budget….

With respect to getting the most from a limited budget, Rob – and really this is true for everyone – you will be best served by adding quality basics to your rotation.

A well-made blazer made from an excellent piece of cloth will provide elegance and versatility. If you follow the style guide of two-button, side vents, with a ticket pocket if possible, you will reap a confident appearance and be well received.

Add to that a solid medium to dark gray suit, a few well-fitting shirts and you will be well on your way. Spend up on your jackets and shoes (as their construction should last longer and become the base of your wardrobe) and save on your shirts and pants when faced with that choice.

Just remember that quality will last. It’s called investment dressing for a reason. Investments are meant to last and are worth what you pay for them! You’ll have a great coat long after those pants have been retired from your closet. Do you have a fashion or style question? Please send me an email.

And in the mean time, remember The Virtual Tailor. We’ll add videos and features that will help educate you on the basics of fine dress!

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