New Year, New Look? (Part 2)

Ten Sure Ways to Successfully Mix Up your Look (aka rejuvenate your wardrobe)

Colorful Language

There is no more effective way to rejuvenate your spring season wardrobe than to add some color. Color is a language all its own. Second only the basic cut of what you are wearing, color is a powerful influence on how others perceive you. Of particular importance are the colors nearest to your face. Do they encourage eye contact and positive connection with others, or do they serve as more of a distraction?
If you think I’m overstating the power of color, why not put it to the test? Choose one new color to mix into your wardrobe this season, even if it’s only shirts and ties. Then take note of the response you get. Whether you do it on your own or with the help of your clothier, select several shades of one color that complement your complexion – skin tone, the color of your eyes and hair. You can thank me later, once others start telling you that you look ten (ok…five) years younger, ask you if you’ve lost weight, or more of the ‘close ones’ go your way.
Note: Take care not to over use the color effect, lest you appear to be trying too hard, or end up looking too much the circus clown.

By the way, to give you some additional direction, here are some timely colors to consider this season:
For clothing (jackets and pants): smoked blue, earthy shades of brown or ash gray.
For shirts, ties and other accessories, as well as sportswear: unapologetic pink and ice blue, lilac and berry tones, as well as margarita green and warm honey.

Put Some Buttonholes to Work

You’ve heard it a million times that “it’s all in the details.” Did you think that was going to change just because it’s a new year? You have buttonholes that work on the front of your tailored jackets, but what about the sleeves? While getting working (functional) buttonholes on the sleeves of your jackets may cause you to ask: “but why?” they are a detail that will get noticed for all the right reasons. A winning cocktail-party-feature if there ever was one.
Among all of the possible coat detail options, far from ostentatious, working buttonholes up the style quotient, but in a quiet, sophisticated manner. That is, unless you decide to finish those buttonholes in a contrasting color or colors, in which case the sartorial volume just got turned up.
You know your personality and the statement that you want to make. Detail and add color accordingly!

Sartorial Regards,

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