A Gift that Always Fits – A Custom Made Suit

I was fortunate to grow up in a home that my parents had custom built when I was just five years old. By then they already had four children, so several of the features were designed with me and my siblings in mind. Mom was the chief architect and got most of what she really wanted, the features that made life more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable for her and her family.

In the family room, each of us had our own desktop space and drawer that were built by a cabinet maker. I know… pretty sweet, right? One long counter top in the kitchen (half marble and half cutting board) was built at a height especially suited to a shorter adult (Mom) and her young children. That was a handy feature when we all started to make our own lunches before heading off to school each morning. Work, play, and storage spaces, as well as special lighting, were designed to support my parent’s favorite hobbies, including painting, sewing, and card games.

Whether a house, or a suit of clothing, getting the features and fit just the way you want them is what custom is all about. Custom made clothing is more comfortable, wears better, and makes an impression that is unmistakably successful and confident.

When having a suit custom made, not only do you get to choose the cloth and basic style (a jacket that is two-button or three, maybe add a vest, etc.), but also specific details such as:

  • Fit
  • Shoulder expression
  • The number and position of pockets and buttons
  • The color of linings and buttonholes
  • Edge or Craft stitching
  • Several other possible options, most of which add very little if any additional cost.

Over the years many Tom James customers have given custom clothing to honor achievements and as gifts of appreciation and encouragement to:

  • Outstanding employees
  • Key team members
  • Younger associates
  • Family members
  • And more

Giving the gift of custom clothing can be a completely tailored experience or as easy as giving a gift card.


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