The Two Tie Knots Every Gentleman Should Know

One size does NOT fit all where ties are concerned

If you’re like most men, you tie the same necktie knot every time without hesitation.

However, just as some collars are better suited for your face than others, some knots are better suited for certain collars than others.

The proper knot is the one which fills the tie space of the collar appropriately.  Collars with a wider spread have more tie space to fill and thus demand a larger knot;  collars with a narrower spread have less tie space to fill and work best with a smaller knot.

But don’t worry about having to master an array of knots.  A selection of two is fine for most men’s shirt wardrobes: a smaller knot for narrow spread collars and a larger knot for wide spread collars.

Smaller Knot: The Four-In-Hand
Best for point collars, tab collars and other collars with less tie space.

Larger Knot: The Half Windsor
Best for wide spread collars, button down collars and other collars with more tie space.

So pay attention to the spread of your collar the next time you tie your tie – and select the appropriate knot.  It’s a simple and effective way to improve the overall impact of your shirt and neckwear.

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