If the Glove Fits

cashmere linedA lot of athletes wear gloves.   Boxers wear big padded gloves.  Receivers and defensive backs in football wear gloves that cushion the blow and help them to grab the ball.  Baseball players wear big gloves (or “mitts”) in the field, to catch the ball, and most wear “batting” gloves when up to bat.  In the game of soccer (futbol to many) goal keepers wear gloves to cushion the blow of a ball traveling at 80 mph.

Gloves provide protection, comfort and style.  Some gloves are more comfortable than others.  The men’s dress gloves pictured to the right are lined with cashmere. Do I even need to tell you that they are exceedingly comfortable?

Gloves that fit are usually more comfortable and definitely more functional than those that are either too big or too small.  My first golf glove was a hand-me-down from my grandfather.  Not only was it a little bit “crusty”….from being used…. it was too big.  I later found out that my correct size for a golf glove is medium cadet.   Not only are my hands relatively small, my fingers are also shorter than average.  As a guitar player in addition to playing golf, what I wouldn’t give for longer fingers!  Oh well, we do the best with what we’ve been given, right?

Even if all of your coats and jackets have great side pockets, when it gets cold out, man is it nice to wear a great pair of gloves.  Gloves and a scarf to be more complete!  But the truth is that most men don’t know what size gloves or hat to buy, so they just do with out.  Life is too short to live that way.  No help with the hat today, but here is a simple guide that will help you buy those long over due gloves:

glove fit











Warm hands, warm heart too! (I know about the cold heart, but your hands are only warm because you’re wearing gloves.)  Gloves that fit!


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