Cashmere Wishes and.…Caviar Cashmere Dreams!

Caviar is fine, but cashmere is better.


One of my earliest lessons about cashmere came several years ago from a gentleman who told me that he always travels with a cashmere sweater in his briefcase or carry-on. It can get a little cool in the cabin of a commercial jet, and who wants to scrounge around for one of those airline blankets? Better to pull out your own sweater…your own cashmere sweater. Why cashmere? Because good cashmere is exceedingly both light and warm. Even a very fine sweater of cashmere will be enough to keep you warm and comfortable. In other words, it takes up less space and provides more comfort than any other sweater you could own.

Those who have yet to experience the pure luxury of fine quality cashmere are sometimes reluctant to purchase because of the price tag. A quality cashmere sweater can easily set you back several hundred dollars, or more, and the cost of a fine cashmere blazer can be more like a house payment. Why not just get a bunch of those $99 cashmere sweaters from those “buy one, get two more free” retailers?

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