Making room in the Back of the Closet

Have you looked back there lately, in the back of the closet?  Depending on the size of your closet and whether you have clothing packed in like sardines or more like free range chickens, you may not even know what’s “back there.”  Unlike a dish that is simmering or a project that is percolating on the back burner, which will be attended to and put to use in the not too distant future (or all in good time,)  items in the back of your closet are probably long forgotten and never to be worn again.  At least not by you.

Getting dressed each day while surrounded by beautiful works of art. Optional. An organized closet. Mandatory.

Getting dressed each day while surrounded by beautiful works of art. Optional and exceptional. An organized closet. Mandatory.

Go ahead.  Take a look.  You may find hidden treasure or a few things that will remind you of past glories.  You may also find that you can easily part with everything back there and be able to free up some much needed space and breathing room for the clothing you actually wear and for the new things you’d like to add to your wardrobe this year.   Even better, what’s in the back of your closet could be donated and change the life of someone in need.

As long as you’re looking in the back of the closet, you might as well consider the whole thing and begin the new year well organized, knowing what you have and what you need, with everything in it’s proper place, and everything up to date and well-maintained.

Not sure how to go about it?  Here are some Time-tested Tips for evaluating and organizing your wardrobe and closet.  Want some help?  Your Tom James Professional is well trained and happy to assist.  Why not call today to arrange a Closet Concierge appointment.

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