Confidence in your Appearance makes Everything Easier

Edward Le Vine was in the insurance business for 63 years. That should qualify him as a voice of experience! (Sadly, he died within a few weeks of our filming his video.) Edward got started in business when Truman was in the White House (way ahead of my time.) It was about the time that cars got seat belts, the color TV was invented , and Roger Banister broke the four-minute-mile. I know, some of you reading this can’t even wrap your head around that. How could there have been life without color TV?

A whole series of technological advances, increased regulations, policy complexities, and many other factors lead to some dramatic changes in his business over the span of his career. On the fashion front, things changed a lot too. Lapels got narrower, then really wide, then narrow again. By the time the 70’s hit, Edward was in his prime. (If we come up with any pictures of him during that decade we’ll be sure to share them.) Edward got to see the pendulum swing a whole bunch of times. One of the few constants for him was the pride he took in his appearance, believing that dressing well, mostly in a suit and tie for work, demonstrated a level of respect for his work and his clients. Always thinking about what was next, Edward’s last question to his TJ clothier, Tim, was “what are you gettin’ for a tan gabardine suit these days?”

So there you go. The sage advice of the day is: Take pride in your appearance. Dress well and appropriately for everything you do. The added bonus? Dressing well will make everything easier and more comfortable.

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