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Tim Smith

Clothing Tailor and Wardrobe Counsel Since 1982

Tom James of Phoenix
7600 N 15th St
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Phoenix, AZ 85020

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About Me

When it comes to clothing, what you wear says a lot about what you care about. What you say and do are most important, but visually you communicate by your taste and style in how you dress. Nothing is permanent in fashion, but good taste!

What My Clients Have To Say

Tim Smith has been taking care of my professional and casual clothing for 30 years. He has kept me in style with fine fabrics, a good fit, and great service. In fact, I have not purchased an off-the-rack suit since I met Tim. You won't be disappointed, I assure you, with Tim's service and Tom James' quality.

Scott, Skelly & Muchmore, L.L.C.

Tim Smith

Tim, the clothing from Tom James is so durable and still looks great! I take excellent care of my slacks and since I work only two days per week, they get less wear. You do wonderful work.


Tim Smith

Tim is a true professional. He is very knowledgeable with current fashion trends with an eye towards detail. I have utilized Tim for over 15 years. He is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him.

Executive Vice President

Tim Smith

Tim Smith has been helping me maintain my professional wardrobe for over twenty years. Tim has stayed true to my focus in professional wear, an understated, but elegant business wardrobe of uncompromising quality and value. With Tim's help, and Tom James' vast selection of fabrics and styles, building my professional wardrobe has been easy, affordable and fun. I am very grateful to Tim for his many years of assistance and plan to continue working with him for as long as I am in business.

Attorney at Law, Montoya Lucero & Pastor

Tim Smith

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