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About Me

In the business since 2011. Serves over 600 Men & Women in the DMV, NYC, & Cleveland. I’ve made it my mission to help make your life easier. Follow me @suitedbyslaper for more clothings, sports, family, & life. Can’t wait to meet you! 'Cheers!

What My Clients Have To Say

Sarah is so sharp, such a pro, and the double-underlined best with two things: my time with her trusted eye for what looks great, and the value of fit and clothing quality consistent with a crisp presentation. Beyond making available fine shirts, suits, clothing, and accessories, Sarah makes the wardrobe part of life more enjoyable.

Sarah Slaper

Sarah, Has done an amazing job keeping me on track and up to date on the newest trends. Her persistence is second to none and as a very busy professional myself, I appreciate her keeping me engaged. Thank you, Sarah.

CFP Acorn Financial Service

Sarah Slaper

Sarah is awesome and I highly recommend her. She has such great fashion sense she can achieve the impossible - making me look stylish! Wearing suits and jackets that Sarah has created for me, I get stopped in elevators, hallways, and on the street and told how great my suit or jacket looks. I get stopped and asked who my clothier is, who designed my suits. | | I've even been stuck in traffic when someone in the car next to me commented on how awesome my jacket looked. Total stranger, in another car, how does that even happen? | | Not only do other people notice, but I feel great wearing my suits and jackets. They fit well and are comfortable and unique, with a little hidden flair and high quality, I feel great and enjoy wearing her suits.

Sarah Slaper

Keep (up) your good work. For those who see this, Sarah has a good eye and superb taste. She can even dress us old guys!

Dempsey Law Firm

Sarah Slaper

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