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Sarah Bentley

Tom James of Richmond
2235 Staples Mill Rd
Suite 112
Richmond, VA 23230

Cell: 704-778-7353
Office: 804-225-8875
Email: [email protected]

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Tom James, and my personal clothier, Sarah Bentley, provide an invaluable service with quality clothing - I appreciate that Sarah comes to me and proposes outfits to me. I am very busy and find that dressing professionally and stylishly is immensely simpler with the help of Sarah. Furthermore, I really like that Tom James has been evolving to incorporate more feminine styles which makes shopping with them even more of an attractive option!'

Sarah Bentley

I love knowing I will walk into my closet and have the perfect fitting, great looking ensemble to wear every day. My job depends a great deal on how I present our services, knowing that I look the part, gives me the ability to focus on how I bring value to my client. I don't spend time worrying about how I look; I know I have that covered! (Now, if I could just get some shoes.).'

Sarah Bentley

Sarah Bentley is a wonderful clothier. She has personally cared for my clothing needs for the last seven years and has exceeded every one of my expectations. She has a very good eye for color and design and I have filled my closet with her suggestions. I always receive wonderful compliments on my clothing from those people I encounter.'

Sarah Bentley

Having a personal clothier is a great for me because I like have someone who knows my needs and style and can quickly recommend new options that make me look good. The convenience is very helpful in my busy life!'

Sarah Bentley

I love the way I look! I love the way I feel in clothes personally tailored just for me! My personal clothier considers my likes and my portfolio against the Tom James offering and brings fabulous ideas for me to consider; we use that as a great starting point to add ideas and ultimately design new outfits to add to my professional clothing portfolio.'

Sarah Bentley

About Me


Started serving the best of the best in:
Charlotte, NC in 2004
Atlanta, GA in 2012
Chicago, IL in 2019
Richmond, VA in 2020


Virginia Tech
B.S. in Marketing Management

Go Hokies!! :)


1 patient husband
1 inspiring baby boy
2 amazing parents
1 twin brother



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Wear what makes you feel great without having to think too hard! That's where I work my magic! :)

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