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Randy Womack

Professional Clothier

Tom James of Roanoke
129 E.Campbell Ave
Suite 201
Roanoke, VA 24011

Cell: 540-354-1119
Office: 540-344-1170
Email: [email protected]

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What My
Clients Have
to Say

Randy, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the clothing you have put me in this year. Recently, I tried putting my store bought suit on. WOW! I could not believe how uncomfortable it felt. The sleeves, sides, shoulders, nothing felt comfortable. Your clothing feels so natural, fits perfect, breathes well, and is SO comfortable. I love it!'

Randy Womack

Randy is a consummate professional, a true expert in his field, and a genuinely good man. Combined, these things make him a real pleasure to work with.'

Randy Womack

Randy, I appreciate the years of knowledge, quality, and education that you and Tom James have provided me during this long friendship. Your knowledge of fine clothing along with the quality and support that Tom James provides is second to none. Along the way you have educated me greatly, and I feel confident each day when I make my selections from my closet. Thank you for the countless compliments I receive on a regular basis. You treat your customers like royalty, and your success is a product of hard work, honesty, and commitment to your trade. .'

Randy Womack

Having used Tom James for over 15 years, I can truly say that Randy models the way for others to follow. His behavior is aligned with my needs, i.e. excellent listener, flexible, win win mind set, timely, results oriented, and challenges the process in a professional and personal manner. I have recommended to Randy some of my closest friends for prospects knowing he will approach their needs in a seamless way.'

Randy Womack

Given how much time you spend in your clothing, how they make you feel, how long they last, and the impression your clothing makes on those around you, measuring the value of your clothes takes on a new perspective. Clothing from Tom James is tailored to meet your needs and budget, and the quality of their product is such that you'll be able to proudly wear the clothes for many years. Working with Randy Womack makes the whole process very easy, and the result is an investment in clothes that pays off now and for many years to come.'

Randy Womack

Thank you for working around my schedule and for providing a wonderfully positive and helpful service. It seems that each time we meet, I end up discovering things I need in my wardrobe that I had been too busy to realize. I think that's probably the greatest service you provide for today's busy professionals. Plus, the beautiful, custom, top quality clothing offered by Tom James is just not available locally. Best wishes for your continued success.'

Randy Womack

There is no substitute for quality. Randy brings the ultimate quality with exceptional service and a fantastic Tom James product. Thank you for all your assistance.'

Randy Womack

Randy inherited me when another clothier left the firm and I am sure he smiles when he thinks about how difficult a client I can be. Yet, I know I can rely on him to provide the service and products I need, when I need them. His insights and suggestions are always welcome and mostly accepted (no, I won't wear a pink shirt even if it is a good color for me!). Always flexible, always professional, I have come to respect and enjoy working with Randy Womack!'

Randy Womack

I have worked with Randy since 2003 and Tom James Company since 1997. Fit and time were a hassle for me before doing business this way. I like the customer service Randy provides. He makes shopping easy.'

Randy Womack

About Me


I am on year 20 with Tom James. I am a President's Cabinet member and Sales Trainer.


M.S. Degree from Radford University, Radford, Virginia in Sports Medicine/Exercise Physiology

Goals for My Clients

Serve my clients with first-rate service; make them feel and look like a million bucks; 100 new clients each year


I grew up in the Roanoke Valley. I have traveled all over the country, but the Blue Ridge mountains are my favorite place to be.


Mountain biking, weight training, motocross, working on cars, landscaping, DIYr, heavy equipment operation, reading, travel, church ministry

Fashion Tips

Wearing the same garment 2 days in a row can damage the fibers. Having a healthy rotation of outfits will allow your clothing to recover between wears, and it will last much longer. Same is true for shoes.

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