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What My
Clients Have
to Say

I utilize Tom James for a number of reasons; 1) I don't have time or the desire to go to the malls and shop for something I probably won't find. 2) I know the quality I get from Tom James is always the best 3) And finally, I enjoy shopping with Ralph, the service is always top notch.'

Ralph Decker

The fit of my suits and shirts is always tailored to my physical measurements. I have always been more than pleased with the quality of fittings. Both (Ralph Decker) and Tom James take great pride in the fit of their suits and do not accept anything short of perfect. I have found that the quality of the fabrics in the suits is amazingly durable. I am very hard on clothing and appreciate how my Tom James suits hold up and wear incredibly well. Ralph Decker knows his clients very well and is always prepared to suggest fabrics. I can say without question that the selection offered by Tom James is unmatched by any retail store you will find. As important as the fit, quality and selection of the fabrics is the personalized treatment Tom James provides. Most men hate to shop for suits. Ralph Decker comes to my office to meet with him. I heartily recommend your company, and yourself as its representative, to anyone interested in addressing their clothing needs.'

Ralph Decker

Ralph I shop at Tom James, because of you. You give great service.'

Ralph Decker

I have been a Tom James client for over 20 years and have always been very happy with the quality and selection of the fabrics offered. The service provided is always first rate. I have had the good fortune to work with two first rate representatives, you and Chuck V'Soske. Always professional, always on time and always with great assistance on making good choices for my clothing needs. The value and quality of your products are outstanding. Several pieces of my wardrobe are over 15 years old and still look great. Luckily, I still fit in them!'

Ralph Decker

I have been a customer of Tom James for almost 20 years and am extremely pleased with their offering. My partner in clothing Ralph Decker is extraordinary in his understanding of my needs and my fitting. The fabric choices are wonderful and the value proposition excellent. I am often asked where I purchase my clothes because of how they fit and look.The convenience of having this service at your place of choice and the ongoing tailoring on existing clothing as needed is amazing. They are a great value.'

Ralph Decker

I purchase my business wardrobe exclusively from Tom James because of convenience and the custom fit. The appointments in my office including my personal measurements are the primary reasons I have been a client since 2004. The quality and selection of fabrics are very good and I appreciate the recommendations for presenting a professional business appearance with suit, sportcoat, slack, shirt, tie and outerwear combinations. I find the price for these services and wardrobe quality to be a good investment.'

Ralph Decker

I like the quality and the fit of the clothing. There are a wide variety of styles and fabrics available. .'

Ralph Decker

I know when I put on a suit made by Tom James it will look good on me. That gives me the added confidence I need, to meet with that difficult client or to close the deal.'

Ralph Decker

Here in our firm we focus on providing value added services and a noticeably different client experience. Tom James it seems to me is focused on these same items. The process is convenient ( I hate to go shopping ) . Most importantly I look to Ralph as the expert in this field . He is knowledgeable regarding current fashion trends and understands what looks good for me. The quality of the end product has always been high and I would consider it a good value. Great overall experience!'

Ralph Decker

I have a difficult time finding clothes off-the-rack that can even be re-tailored to fit, so I appreciate the value of having perfectly fitting clothes. Additionally, I completely trust your taste, from casual clothing suggestions to the tuxedo which I bought from you for my daughters' weddings. Finally, and I believe equally as important, when I needed either mending of clothes, or refitting after several years, your service was prompt, convenient, very reasonably priced, and, most importantly, successful in its mission.'

Ralph Decker

I shop with Tom James for my dress clothes for several reasons. First and foremost, I appreciate the personal service you provide in helping me with my wardrobe. I appreciate the tailoring and fit of the high quality fabrics. Certainly the convenience of coming directly to me around my busy travel schedule is a huge benefit to my time management.'

Ralph Decker

I have been working with Ralph Decker of Tom James for almost a decade. During that time I can state without any equivocation that he is one of the most honest and dependable people that I have encountered in my professional experience. The clothing he provides is of the highest caliber and he absolutely will not let you wear anything until he is convinced beyond all doubt that it fits you perfectly. He keeps an inventory of the clothes you have purchased and will call if there is a new style or fabric that might suit you. He pays close attention to your style and tries to offer selections that will work best in your chosen profession. He is always accessible and does you the extraordinary service of coming to you. No shopping malls, no crowded clothing stores, just you and a professional selecting the wardrobe that works best for you. Ralph is a great guy but an even greater business professional: reliable, dependable and savvy.'

Ralph Decker

About Me


Joined Tom James Company in 1987. Stockholder and partner of the Tom James of St. Louis office.


Illinois State University.

Goals for My Clients

Keep building America "One Stitch" at a time. I need you and your friends to allow me to dress you appropriately so we can all achieve our professional goals in life!


Married to Linda on November 8, 2003. I wish we met 25 years ago. She is the one that makes me look good!


Model Trains and Lawn Croquet. My two favorite classic hobbies.

Fashion Tips

Colors are like words, they communicate many different messages. For example, Navy projects power and influence. What message do you communicate everyday?

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