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In today’s professional working environment, the balance of looking the part and being comfortable can be overwhelming. That’s where the expertise and convenience of Custom Clothing curated by you and your Personal Clothier comes in.

With hundreds of cloths to choose from in different patterns and materials in a plethora of styles, you can create a wardrobe to fit your needs for any occasion. Never find yourself unprepared in an ill-fitting suit, shirt, or sport coat again with Custom Clothing for Men by the Tom James Company. And remember, We Come To You!

Men's Custom Clothing Collections

We offer Men's Clothing collections for every style and budget.

Our custom clothing models are designed by highly-trained pattern makers who understand the relationship between style and fit. Each collection’s garments are designed to be worn together. Lapel widths, tie widths and shirt collars are all designed with each other in mind.

Our vast array of fabric is sure to please any taste and budget. And since we own our woolen mills, we can literally respond quickly to the styles of today. While others are contracting their cloth sometimes two years in advance, we are making cloth ourselves.

Mens Custom Clothing
Tom James Suits Quality and Construction

Custom Clothing Packages

You have a choice. You can build your wardrobe one suit, one shirt and one tie at a time. Or you can build it more quickly - and more affordably - with our Packages.

When purchasing garments in a Package, not only do you save, but your dress shirts and ties will be perfectly matched to your bepsoke suits - and they will all wear well together.

Tom James offers two styles of packages, each designed for a specific client: Classic Packages offer the full range of bespoke selections from each of our custom collections along with a complimentary gift certificate off your next purchase; Value Packages feature a special seasonal selection of custom suit and custom dress shirt fabrics, all offered at fantastic savings to you.

Questions about Custom Clothing

How long does it take to get custom clothing made?

Because each garment is made to your measurement and pattern, it usually take 6-8 weeks from the time you place your order until your garment is delivered to you by your clothier.

Where do I get measured?

Convenience is one of the biggest advantages that we offer. Your clothier can meet you at your home or office to measure you and pick out your cloth. If you would rather meet at one of our offices, that's not a problem either. We've even been known to measure people in a local coffee shop. We don't care! We just want to offer the most convienient option for you.

What if my clothes don't fit?

During your first fitting, it is normal to need to make some minor adjustments to your garment and pattern. Your clothier will chalk and note the needed alterations and will return your clothing after those alterations have been made.


Men's Custom Clothing Options and Details

Custom Suits

We provide custom suit models that are designed by skilled, creative pattern makers who are experts at matching style with fit. We offer hundreds of bespoke details to make your custom suit unique. From various lapel styles to exquisite pocket detailing to contrasting stitching, we spare no resource, cost or effort to provide you with details that meet the quality standards you've come to expect from Tom James Company.

Custom Dress Shirts

Creating a custom dress shirt is an opportunity to express your sense of individual style. We offer only the best in fabrics and details to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Choose from 16 different monogram styles or contrasting fabrics and stitching that create your one-of-a-kind, bespoke shirt... the perfect complement to your custom business suit.


"Jordan is a true professional. He recognizes that time is the resource that successful people have in the shortest supply and I appreciate how much he hustles to help me. He's not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do what is necessary. I like the fact that he helps me look good."

Custom Clothier Jordan Yocum

Jordan Yocum

Tom James of Louisville

"I became acquainted with Tom James approximately 7 years ago when I lived in D.C. Thankfully, a coworker introduced me to Dan. I have a difficult time finding dress clothing that is not too big; I struggle with the right sizing. Dan was very professional and patient as we reviewed different cuts and how it would look and feel. I am extremely happy and I can still wear all the clothing I have purchased over the years both from a quality and style point of view."

Custom Clothier Dan Hook

Dan Hook

Tom James of Seattle
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