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"Lindsey and I have been working on upgrading my wardrobe for 5+ years. When we started, my closet was predominated with pieces that were both dated and ill-fitting. As I'm tall but relatively thin, off-the-rack L sizes have the right circumference but are too short, while XL sizes have the opposite problem. I had started to use a subscription clothing delivery service, but in addition to the sizing problems, the stylist on the other end of the computer was constantly rotating and the styles felt more like a larger retailer trying to liquidate their excess inventory instead of providing options that looked both fresh and unique. Lindsey's partnership solved all of those problems. As she was offering a bespoke product, the clothing has a consummate fit. We constantly collaborate on looks, everything from suits to jeans to polos to accessory combinations. We come up with so many fun combinations that I have more than once proposed that we should just create our own stylized collection."

Custom Clothier Lindsey Rothery

Lindsey Rothery

Tom James of Dallas

"Lee meets me at my office, spends about an hour providing me with consulting, gets my next order and then comes back in a few weeks with amazing looking suits and clothes that fit me perfectly. I had no idea how great it felt to wear suits that were made to fit me so well. I don't have to go shopping and I get great looking, quality, custom tailored business clothes delivered right to my office. Since working with Lee, I've been dressing better, feeling better, and getting positive comments from people who have been noticing my new look."

Custom Clothier Lee Dora

Lee Dora

Tom James of Indianapolis
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