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H&S Seasonal Classics Steep Twill Collection

Suits, Sport Coats & Trousers

  • Forest Green 100% Wool Worsted Custom Suit Fabric
    Forest Green 100% Wool Worsted
  • Blue 100% Wool Worsted Custom Suit Fabric
    Blue 100% Wool Worsted
  • Navy 100% Wool Worsted Custom Suit Fabric
    Navy 100% Wool Worsted
  • Black 100% Wool Worsted Custom Suit Fabric
    Black 100% Wool Worsted
  • Charcoal 100% Wool Worsted Custom Suit Fabric
    Charcoal 100% Wool Worsted
  • Gray 100% Wool Worsted Custom Suit Fabric
    Gray 100% Wool Worsted


"Keeping up with men's fashion is a bear. Sarah is a great wardrobe consultant. She is a true professional who makes sure my suits are up to date and classic. My clothes are delivered timely and to my office for easier convenience. She will save you a lot of time and hassle."

Custom Clothier Sarah Slaper

Sarah Slaper

Tom James of Washington DC

"Louisa Liu and her colleagues have great fashion instincts, are knowledgeable about the company's products, and are extremely personable. They have helped me remake my wardrobe and I can't wait to get my next round of custom clothes!"

Custom Clothier Louisa Liu

Louisa Liu

Tom James of San Francisco

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