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H&S Ascot Flannel Collection

Suits, Sport Coats & Trousers

  • Blue 100% Wool Worsted Custom Suit Fabric
    Blue 100% Wool Worsted
  • Light Brown 100% Wool Worsted Custom Suit Fabric
    Light Brown 100% Wool Worsted
  • Light Gray 100% Wool Worsted Custom Suit Fabric
    Light Gray 100% Wool Worsted
  • Gray 100% Wool Worsted Custom Suit Fabric
    Gray 100% Wool Worsted
  • Charcoal 100% Wool Worsted Custom Suit Fabric
    Charcoal 100% Wool Worsted

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"I have been working with Nate Rissi for a number of years. I have found Nate to be very helpful and knowledgeable regarding my need for professional apparel. I have enjoyed my association with him and Tom James. I appreciate both the selection and quality of the suits that Tom James offers, and I think that you will too!"

Custom Clothier Nate Rissi

Nate Rissi

Tom James of Minneapolis

"Without a doubt, the Tom James wardrobe that you provided for me over the years greatly contributed to my self-confidence and success. I always felt good when I dressed in my custom fitted clothes. Your service and attention to detail was outstanding and I appreciate it more than you will ever know."

Custom Clothier Paul Mckeon

Paul Mckeon

Tom James of Columbia
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