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  • Brown 98%S160s Worsted 1%Cash1%Smink Custom Suit Fabric
    Brown 98%S160s Worsted 1%Cash1%Smink
  • Olive 98%S160s Worsted 1%Cash1%Smink Custom Suit Fabric
    Olive 98%S160s Worsted 1%Cash1%Smink
  • Purple 98%S160s Worsted 1%Cash1%Smink Custom Suit Fabric
    Purple 98%S160s Worsted 1%Cash1%Smink

From Our Clients

"For my impending nuptials I knew that wanted to go with a bespoke suit. So I spoke or corresponded with representatives from two other companies before I had the opportunity to meet with Barry Helms of Tom James. Once meeting Barry, I knew that he - and Tom James - were the best choice for me. Professional, knowledgeable, and focused on giving me exactly what I wanted (after some much needed and well-received coaching!); Barry put me in a quality ensemble (seersucker suit, shirt, tie, belt, & shoes) at a reasonable price. My wife and I were subsequently married on the beach near Cairns, AU where she grew up. The only one in attendance who looked better than me, was my lovely bride, and I received several compliments from our Australian guests. Tom James truly helped make our experience memorable."

Custom Clothier Barry Helms

Barry Helms

Tom James of Mobile

"Tom James offers ladies' business suits that are comfortable, fit perfectly, and last a long time."

Custom Clothier Jim Messman

Jim Messman

Tom James of Milwaukee
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