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Clothing Consultation with a Customer Clothier

Working with a Tom James clothier is an experience! If you are a busy person and can never find time to go shopping, you struggle to find quality clothing that fits consistently, or you can never find the right selection to fit your needs, then you are going to find great value in the service that our clothiers bring to you.

Our highly trained clothiers are passionate about your wardrobe. They will ensure that the garments you choose are perfectly suited to your lifestyle, business & comfort. While they are happy to help you find a suit or jacket for a special occasion, their talents lie in tailoring your entire wardrobe. Whether you need the basics for business or you want your casual wardrobe to match your professional sophistication, we work with you to ensure that you are prepared for any event or situation that comes your way.


The relationship between you and your clothier begins with a complimentary consultation. You can meet at your office or home to discuss your current wardrobe and evaluate your clothing needs. With over 1,000 shirt, suit & casual fabrics to choose from you and your clothier will curate your wardrobe to your exacting needs, including accouterments as pockets, jacket linings, buttonhole colours, lapels & more.

Clothing Consultation with a Customer Clothier
Clothing Consultation with a Customer Clothier


During your consultation appointment, over 30 measurements will be taken, from your neck all the way down to the floor. These measurements, along with detailed photos are sent to our tailors to create your own personalized pattern. We use this pattern over the lifetime of our relationship to create all of your garments. However since everyone’s body changes over time, we retake key measurements each visit to ensure that each time you have something made, it fits perfectly every time.

Crafting of your Garments

After you make your selection and are measured by your clothier, our skilled artisans will create your garment to your exact specifications. Depending on the amount of handwork or customization, this process usually takes between 6 to 8 weeks. We own and operate seven state-of-the-art facilities across the United States, Canada & Chile that create our Suits, Shirts, Dresses & Skirts as well as our custom casual pieces.

Clothing Consultation with a Customer Clothier
Clothing Consultation with a Customer Clothier


After your clothing has been crafted, your clothier will deliver your clothes directly to you at your convenience. They will take you through the different features of each garment along with care instructions. You will try on the custom pieces to ensure the fit is correct. If alterations are needed, your clothier will chalk & pin the changes needed to ensure you have the fit and feel you like. The items will be altered at no charge to you, and returned to ensure the fit. Any alterations made are applied to your master pattern and will ensure that your next garments will fit the same way.

Ongoing Service

The relationship between you and your clothier does not end at the delivery. During your first consultation, you and your clothier can decide how regularly you need to invest into your wardrobe. Your clothier will stay in touch regularly to make sure you are well suited for different seasons, vacations and special occasions. They will also ensure that your clothing is in tip-top condition so you can dress confidently any day of the week.

Clothing Consultation with a Customer Clothier


"I've done business with Tom James Company, for more than 20 years while living in Atlanta, Denver and Portland. Mark's high level of service and attention to detail always impresses me and reminds me of why I seek him out for fine menswear."

Custom Clothier Mark Cleve

Mark Cleve

Tom James of Portland

"I wear a lot of suits and every purchase I've made from Tom James seams to stand out among the rest!"

Custom Clothier Arianna Ferraro

Arianna Ferraro

Tom James of New York
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