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Hank Lee

Partner | Clothier | Brand Ambassador

Tom James of Denver
4610 South Ulster St
Suite 120
Denver, CO 80237

Cell: 913-522-2942
Office: 303-337-3553
Email: [email protected]

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What My Clients Have To Say

I have worked with Hank for over four years. He is a superb listener and understands my sense of style. While he never steers me in the wrong direction, he occasionally encourages me in a new direction, and I like that. It keeps my wardrobe current, stylish, and functional. He is equally at home dressing me for work and formal occasions, as well as weekend and travel casual wear. I can't imagine trusting anyone else with my clothing needs.

DMA/ABD, University of Maryland College Park

Hank Lee

If being taken care of, being listened to and having an amazing customer experience is important to you.....then look no further than Mr. Hank Lee. Hank nudged me to look at items out of my comfort zone and actually explained what those possibilities could open my look to. Hank made what can be often viewed as a necessary purchase in the business world to an experience that one actually looks forward to and enjoys. Thank you Hank. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.


Hank Lee

[Hank's] brand is one of operational excellence, impeccable customer service and a well-tempered affable nature. While I enjoy the Tom James label, none of it would resonate with me without the judicious application of Hank's unique and efficacious way of running his business. Hank Lee brings great credit to himself, Tom James and the entire couture ecosystem.

Chief Information Officer, West Area at NetApp, Enterprise Business Solutions

Hank Lee

Hank is an excellent representative of his company, business, and market. He knows the materials and his customer's likes and needs. He is always positive and friendly. He has an amazing attitude of always exceeding his customers' expectations.

President, Integrated Delivery Solutions

Hank Lee

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