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Dave Dobbins

Presidents Cabinet Member

Tom James of Cincinnati
120 East Fourth St.Suite 205
Mercantile Building
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Cell: 513-607-7005
Office: 513-241-5900
Email: [email protected]

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What My Clients Have To Say

Dave has provided a great service that has benefited me professionally and personally. In addition, he is simply a great guy!

Dave Dobbins

Dave has been my clothier for over 20 years and has always provided high quality clothes with excellent service. His service provides convenience for busy executives. I highly recommended him and his clothing line from Tom James.

Dave Dobbins

Dave has been my personal clothier for 15 years. His product lines will fit any budget. He has educated me on the kind of clothes that I need to wear for my career. Dave is an expert in his field! He is trustworthy, consistent and very reliable. I would recommend Dave to anyone! Thanks, Dave!

Dave Dobbins

I have had the pleasure of working with Dave for over seven years. Dave has consistently delivered superior recommendations on how to increase the effectiveness of my business clothing purchases, selection and matches to different environments. I have seen firsthand the positive results of his recommendations and received multiple complements on my clothing from Tom James Company.

Dave Dobbins

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