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Dash Yost

Image Consultant

Tom James of Cleveland
5500 South Marginal Rd
Suite 250
Cleveland, OH 44103

Office: 216-575-0320
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What My Clients Have To Say

I am delighted with not just the fine, tailored clothing, but also the honest advice and dependable service that I have received. For me, the entire experience of selecting suits and other apparel items has been transformed to a previously-unattained level of satisfaction. I highly recommend Tom James and Dash Yost to every one looking for the best!

Dash Yost

I have been delighted with the quality and fit of the Tom James suits I have had made for me. I have also received many compliments. When meeting a lawyer, accountant or banker for the first time, a well fitted suit, shirt and sharp tie conveys self-confidence and respect for the client. I would highly recommend Tom James and Dash Yost. I also believe we, the American consumer, should buy 'Made in America' goods, which is a challenge in the clothing industry.


Dash Yost

I'm not what you would call a 'clothes guy', but I do like to look good. Dash helps me extensively with my wardrobe. Without him I would probably make all kinds of mistakes. I pretty much just turn to him & say, 'make me look good', and he takes it from there. I don't have the time to peruse stores & put up with all the hassles & return trips after tailoring etc. Dash makes clothes shopping fun, & I hate shopping. I expect we will be working together for a long time.

CEO, Talan Products

Dash Yost

Dash provides great customer service equal to the quality of the clothing created by Tom James. He provides professional advice knowing what styles and fabrics work for me.

Dash Yost

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