5 Compliments You Hear When You Wear Made-To-Measure Outfits

And why they are so important

By: Tim Cornell, Haberdasher
October 23, 2019

When was the last time you were complimented on your clothing?

If you’re like many professionals we meet, it may have been a while. Especially as workplaces tend more toward casual, it’s likely you leave for work in an outfit that isn’t going to start any conversations or garner any compliments.

When you dress well, people notice. They compliment you. While increasing your compliments may not be your motivation behind switching from a ready-to-wear wardrobe to a custom-tailored one, compliments will follow, if you do. Our clients tend to be busy executives who have no time to browse department stores searching for clothes that fit properly and look good, too. They prefer turning over that chore to a Tom James clothier whose job it is to be sure you are appropriately attired for every occasion.

Once you make the switch to made-to-measure, handcrafted clothing…garments that fit and that complement your personality, you’ll start hearing the compliments.

Continue reading to learn the impact compliments have and prepare yourself for the ones you’ll hear most often after becoming a Tom James customer.

Why Compliments Are Important

When we visit with someone who is interested in our service, we often hear: “I don’t really like my wardrobe that much.”  We find professionals often rotate between a few favorites that fit well and feel comfortable. But most say they have few – if any - outfits that are compliment-worthy. They certainly don’t feel as if their wardrobe is enhancing their professional image or building their confidence. They’re simply clothes.

The average professional’s closet contains a mix of random garments, possibly some wardrobe mistakes (garments that were purchased as a great ‘deal’ but never really worn), and a number of ill-fitting items that either need alteration or repair. To those professionals, getting dressed in the morning is also a chore and often peppered with the question, ‘Honey, does this go together?’

When you start working with a Tom James clothier, you realize it’s better to declutter your closet and have a few interchangeable garments that work together. While you may have fewer garments, they are made specifically for your body—so they fit! Garments are crafted to go together, creating outfits that mix and match and you remove those random garments buried in the back of the closet.

5 Most Common Compliments You’ll Receive

From the moment you try on your first Tom James outfit, you’ll feel a difference. Immediately, you know this is how your clothing is supposed to fit. You stand a little straighter and walk a little taller. Your confidence is noticeable and translates to those with whom you meet. And the compliments confirm what you feel.  You look the part!

Check out the five most common compliments you’ll hear when you start wearing custom-tailored clothing from Tom James.

When you’re well-dressed, you stand a little straighter and walk a little taller.
- Spencer Hays, Founder Tom James

1. “That’s a great-fitting outfit.”

Whether you choose a custom suit or a combination of sport coats, shirts and trousers, the most common compliment you’ll hear is that your clothes fit you well…which brings you to  realize just how poorly your old clothes fit. You simply look more polished when you wear something that fits.

Regardless of whether you are tall or short, broad-shouldered or average, stout or slim, a professional clothier provides clothing specifically meant for you. When you upgrade your wardrobe, the fit is the first thing they’ll notice.

2. “Have you lost weight?”

When you wear clothes that fit properly, simply put, you look better. Clothing that is fitted to your body type will visually accentuate the positive aspects of your build and reduce those aspects that create the most challenge. 

As a result, you’ll project more confidence and people will notice!

For instance, custom shirts provide a better fit, especially around the middle. To get a collar large enough, an off-the-rack shirt may have too much fabric around the midsection or in the sleeves, making you appear heavier and larger than you are. Custom-fit shirts allow for an appropriate size of shirt or sleeve, giving you comfort you need without all the excess fabric.

Remove that extra fabric and your clients, employees, and colleagues will think that you’ve lost weight, when in fact, you’re finally wearing clothes that fit properly.

3. “That’s a great outfit you’ve put together.”

A more casual business environment has made it increasingly difficult for men to build a wardrobe. As opposed to owning five dark suits and white shirts, now, men have to put together outfits and buy clothing that coordinates.

Most professionals would prefer assistance to develop the image they want to portray. One of the advantages of working with a personal clothier is they can help refine your image through selecting the right garments and perfectly chosen accessories to complement them, such as ties, belts, shoes, pocket squares, cuff links, tie clips and more. We find that once professionals sport an entire outfit, they tend to receive even more compliments. The perfect accessories pull together your garments and result in the perfect outfit.

4. “You’re in a good mood.”

Our founder, Spencer Hays was known to say: “When you’re well-dressed, you stand a little straighter and walk a little taller.”

He knew the power of personal presence.

When you wear properly fitting, quality clothing, you feel successful, confident, and ready to take on the day. That confidence radiates to anyone you encounter, whether you’re sitting in the boardroom, appearing on TV or attending a meeting with a new prospect. This confidence manifests itself in a more positive outlook on life.

Wearing well-fitted clothing allows you to exude professionalism, competence, and self-awareness. Being well-dressed transforms the way you see yourself and, consequently, the way others see you.

5. “Darling, you look awesome!”

The number one judge for how good you look is your significant other. If anyone is accustomed to your favorite clothes and outfits, it is them. When you start wearing high-quality, custom-designed clothes, those most important to you are the first to notice the difference. The first four compliments we’ve noted are always welcome, but none more than the ones from your spouse or significant other. Get used to “You look amazing in that color,” and “I just love that pattern on you.”

And don’t be surprised if you start receiving more second glances and compliments from members of the opposite sex in general. When you wear a polished look from head to toe, you attract attention. Even when happily married, compliments give an extra boost of confidence and help the overall feeling of well-being.

The Impact of Compliments

Even if the convenience of the Tom James experience is the truest value you receive, compliments can certainly provide an extra boost to your confidence. When you wear properly fitting, quality clothing designed specifically for your image and your body type, a change occurs.

Often we’re told we’ve assisted our clients in their career advancement. While we certainly would never assume such, we can assuredly say that perhaps we’ve helped you stand a little straighter and walk a little taller. That added confidence can certainly be a game changer in all areas of your life.

Are you ready to start receiving compliments on your clothes? Check out our latest collections. Then, connect with a Tom James clothier today!

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