5 Ways the Tom James Experience is Different Than the Department Store

By: Rebecca Garsys, Clothier
December 13, 2019

The first time we meet with customers, they often ask, “What is the Tom James Experience?”

We take great pride in answering this question. We explain that there are aspects of our personalized service which remain consistent across all our clients: convenience, high-quality fabrics, and custom clothing crafted to your exact measurements.

However, the specific benefits our clients find most valuable depends on their unique needs. Consequently, the way each client defines the experience varies.

For example, some clients don’t have time to shop for their professional attire. For those customers, the convenience of our clothiers meeting at their home or office appeals to them the most. Other clients have a unique body type and can’t find clothing that fits off-the-rack. They appreciate that our clothiers take 30 different measurements to ensure their custom clothing fits perfectly. Our more fashion-conscious clients enjoy the wide variety of fabrics and styles we offer.

Regardless of which of these benefits most appeal to you, the Tom James Experience provides unmatched personal service to deliver high-quality, custom clothing that perfectly expresses who you are or who you want to be.


Steps to the Tom James Experience


The Tom James Experience is designed to create a true partnership between you and your clothier. Clothiers seek to understand your needs, your style, and your goals in order to recommend garments that will enhance your professional image.

Here are the steps involved to ensure that you’re perfectly attired for every occasion:

  1. You meet your personal clothier at the most convenient location for you, whether that is your home, office, country club or other location of your choice.
  2. During the meeting, you discuss your lifestyle and challenges associated with meeting your professional attire needs. For example, your clothier asks how often you travel, where you travel frequently and whether you run hot or cold to get a sense of the right fabrics for your needs.
  3. Then you review your wardrobe with your Tom James clothier to identify any cornerstone pieces currently missing.
  4. Next, we present examples of our fabrics and styles to familiarize you with the variety and quality.
  5. Subsequently, we recommend essential garments currently lacking in your wardrobe. Perhaps you need a navy suit with a subtle pattern because you already own a solid navy suit. Or perhaps it’s a charcoal suit because the one you currently have is worn out and buried deep in your closet.
  6. Your clothier takes over 30 measurements to ensure your garments fit perfectly.
  7. You make your selection and our clothier processes your order.
  8. Six to eight weeks later, we return to your home or office with your new suit. If they need any minor alterations, they are completed by our in-house tailor.


Benefits of the Tom James Experience


The traditional shopping experience entails driving to a store, fighting for a parking spot, and browsing the store’s limited inventory. For the busy executive this can be frustrating and stressful. This is especially true when you need alterations and, for whatever reason, your clothes still don’t fit perfectly.

The Tom James Experience is designed to mitigate all this frustration. Your professional clothier strives to save you time by building a coordinated wardrobe that defines your style and enhances your professional image.


#1: Save Time


Time is your most valuable asset, which is why your professional clothier comes to the most convenient location for you. We store the 30 measurements we take to make ordering future garments as efficient as possible. When your custom clothing is ready, we return to your home or office, again saving you the hassle of driving to the store.

Your clothier also maintains a record of your wardrobe to identify any gaps in advance. This saves you the stress of shopping for a specific garment for an upcoming event.


#2: Build a Coordinated Wardrobe


If you’re like most of our clients, on occasion, you’ve procrastinated until the last minute knowing you needed a suit or sport coat. You’d arrive at the store but were limited to what they had in stock. Often, you’d even find something you loved only to learn they didn’t have it in your size. Then, you’d have to settle for something else because you needed a garment for a specific occasion.

Building a coordinated wardrobe takes patience and planning, which is why, on average, our clients only wore 40% of their clothing before working with us. Too often, they made one-off purchases that didn’t complement other garments, which meant many items fell to the back of their closet.


#3: Define Your Style


Most people aren’t knowledgeable about the best styles for their specific body type. Your clothier can advise you to avoid making wardrobe mistakes. They also ensure you have the essential cornerstone pieces, such as a navy suit and a charcoal suit, because they can be paired with almost any shirt and tie combination. They then advise the best way to build on those basics to create a functional and useful wardrobe for all your needs.

While these are important aspects in building your wardrobe, many of our clients are not aware of the different options available for defining your style. As the workplace dress code has become more casual, many men no longer wear a dark suit and a white shirt. Now, it is more difficult to enhance their image of leadership. For example, adding a sport coat and pocket square takes the common outfit of button-down and slacks to the next level.


#4: Work with a Professional Clothier


Before discovering Tom James, most of our clients felt limited and rushed when buying clothing. Sometimes, even after alterations, newly acquired clothing still didn’t fit right. Others experienced clothing that didn’t perform well for them. For example, some didn’t choose the right fabric for a suit and would end up with a shine because of the leather seats in their car and office. Others who traveled often found some fabrics wouldn’t last very long before becoming worn out.

Your professional clothier becomes someone you trust because they understand your preferences and your lifestyle. Your clothier is much more than a stylist. They are your guide to navigating your wardrobe so that you are always perfectly attired for every occasion.


#5: Enhance Your Professional Image


As dress codes continue to become more casual, it’s often difficult to find the right balance between too casual and too formal. For example, you want to portray an image of distinction and leadership, but you may not want to arrive at a client’s office in a beautifully tailored three-piece suit if they have a very casual environment.

Your clothier understands these challenges. They make recommendations based on what you do, who you are, where you go, and the image that you want to portray.

For instance, some of our clients who are lawyers have ‘court appearance’ outfits, specifically designed to portray a particular image. Other clients who are entrepreneurs have patterned sport coats in their office to wear to client meetings who have casual dress codes. These inside tips can enhance your professional image.


Discover the Tom James Experience


Your clothing impacts how others perceive you, but it’s unlikely you have the time and expertise to coordinate a wardrobe that defines your style. When you work with a Tom James clothier, they strive to make your experience as stress-free as possible so you can focus on the things that matter to you: your family, your work, and your community.

Are you tired of the traditional shopping experience? Contact a Tom James clothier today to learn firsthand how the Tom James Experience provides higher quality and personal attention that you deserve.

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"Daniel is fantastic at what he does. Since I've started using him I've never once had to think twice about my clothing. He will make great suggestions, execute what I want, and make sure that every detail is correct. I'll never go store bought again."

Custom Clothier Daniel Wiebracht

Daniel Wiebracht

Tom James of East Texas

"It is a great feeling to have clothes that you know are of the highest quality and which really fit. Whether it be for casual or more formal wear, my experience at Tom James has been terrific. Chuck V'Soske and the whole team are always most helpful and they have a great eye for what would suit me. I am delighted that so many people notice their work when I walk in a room."

Custom Clothier Chuck V

Chuck V'Soske

Tom James of Tucson
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