How Much Did You Actually Spend on Your Clothing?

5 Reasons You're Overpaying For Your Clothes

By: Rebecca Garsys, Clothier
January 16, 2020

When we meet with new clients for the first time, we always ask about their closet. No, we’re not looking for skeletons. Instead, we seek a complete understanding of the clothing they need for their professional and personal lives. We ask about their wardrobe and style. What clothes fit the best? Which are their favorite outfits? What percentage of their wardrobe are they currently wearing?

We find, on average, new clients only wear 40% of their wardrobe before working with a Tom James clothier.


There are a variety of reasons. Some garments were bought on sale, in hopes they would work. Others were gifts from well-intentioned family members and others need to be retired, or no longer fit well. Regardless of the reason, many of their clothes remain unworn.

The truth is that many potential clients wonder if they can afford us, but when they learn how much they spend on items they don’t wear, they realize the true value we provide. Our professional clothiers guide clients to coordinate outfits, reduce wardrobe mistakes, and develop their style to ensure they wear all of the clothing in their wardrobe. Plus, the value of time plays a role. We come to our client’s home or office, saving them the time and stress of traveling to the store.

5 Reasons Tom James Can Save You Money

Often, clients will tell us they have roughly 30 shirts in their closet, and that about 10 of them are new enough and fit well enough to enjoy wearing them.

At a cost of roughly $100 each, that entire shirt investment is $3,000. That means, each of the shirts he wears really cost $300! The most expensive shirt is the one you do not wear, right?

Here’s a quick example we share with new clients. If you own 30 shirts with an average price of $100, you have spent $3,000 on shirts. If you only enjoy wearing ten of them, then those ten shirts really cost you $300 each.

On the other hand, when you own custom clothing designed specifically for your body type, in fabrics that match your needs, and in styles that you feel comfortable in and that enhance your professional image, you don’t require as many options. In fact, many of our clients own less clothing now because there are no items buried in their closet.

Below are the five ways that working with a Tom James clothier actually saves you money.

#1: Makes Your Closet Work

Most of our new clients don’t even realize that they only wear 40% of their clothing. This often results from unplanned purchases that don’t coordinate with other garments in their wardrobe. This is especially important for men, as many workplace dress codes have become more casual. Often, they can no longer rely on the dark suit and white shirt. Now, they must build outfits comprised of button-down shirts, slacks, and a sport coat.

For instance, when shopping for a jacket, you need to consider the shirts and trousers you will match with it. If you don’t currently own multiple options, it may not be the right jacket. Instead, start by searching for an item that can provide more flexibility with the other garments already in your closet.

Coordinating outfits also extends to shoes and accessories. Often, a simple pocket square can transform a casual sport coat into a garment that distinguishes you from others. Add a high-quality leather belt and shoes and you have a coordinated outfit that commands respect. These often-overlooked details are essential to building a wardrobe that enhances image, professionalism, leadership, and competence.

#2: Reduces Wardrobe Mistakes

One client told us of a jacket he’d purchased a year earlier, though it hung in his closet with the tags still on it. When we asked why he purchased it, he replied: “It was on sale. 66% off!”

He loved the bargain, but when he brought it home, he realized it wasn’t his style. Now, it was the most expensive item in his closet because he had spent money on a garment that he never wore.

These wardrobe mistakes come in many forms. When you buy a garment that isn’t your style or keep one that doesn’t fit, they clog your closet and add to the overall cost of your wardrobe.

On the other hand, a well-selected, perfectly fitted Tom James jacket could be worn three times a month for the next ten years... driving down the cost per wear and claiming a prominent place in your closet.

#3: Saves You Time

If you’re like many of our clients, you often put off buying a new suit until you have a special occasion. Finally, at the last minute, you drive to the department store, fight for a parking spot, browse the store’s limited inventory, make a selection, and return to the store to pick up the outfit after alterations.

While at the store, you may even see an item you really like that doesn’t come in your size. When you’re working with Tom James you have a vast selection to choose from, all of which are perfectly tailored to your body.

That’s why the Tom James Experience is different. Our mission is to save you time and stress. We come to your home or office, provide recommendations that fit your lifestyle, and take your measurements. Then, we return to deliver your garments for a fitting. If minor alterations are needed, we deliver the perfectly fitting garments to you once they are completed.

After all, time is your most precious asset. Why waste it shopping for clothing?

#4: Builds Your Wardrobe

Building a complete, coordinated wardrobe requires time and patience. Even if you enjoy following fashion trends and understand what styles to wear, you’re busy with the things that matter in your life: your family, your work, and your community.

Our clothiers are more than stylists. They’re much more than someone who fulfills orders. They are your guide to building your perfect wardrobe.

They want to understand your lifestyle and preferences so they can make recommendations that have you looking and feeling your best. They suggest styles that coordinate with clothing you currently own to provide you with more flexibility. They offer fabrics based on your needs. For instance, who do you interact with on a daily basis? Do you run hot or cold? What is your daily commute like? This level of personal service is why we enjoy many client relationships that last for years.

#5: Dresses You for Success

We had a client who, when we met, avoided shopping because of body image issues. Consequently, he regularly wore jeans and a sweatshirt to work. His organization was failing and he felt overwhelmed. He also expressed frustration from the vast amount of options available for his wardrobe and explained due to stress at work, he’d ‘checked out’ in caring about his work clothing.

His clothier asked about his lifestyle, goals, and preferences, which allowed the clothier to recommended styles and fabrics that would help realize those goals.

With his new suit, jacket, and shirts, this client felt re-energized. He walked straighter and stood taller. It wasn’t long before he was on a better track for his career and credits Tom James with much of this turnaround because of the boost to his confidence.

Reduce the Cost of Your Clothing

Developing your wardrobe is a very personal experience. Everyone has unique styles and preferences. Our mission is to help you build a wardrobe free of mistakes and filled with coordinated outfits that enhance your image. We save you time by delivering a personal experience and eliminate the stress that’s often associated with shopping for clothing. We rather you focus on the most important aspects of your life.

Is your closet full of wardrobe mistakes? Are you only wearing half of the garments in your closet? Contact a Tom James clothier today to learn how we can save you time, stress, and money.

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"I like Katie because she really understands my needs as a client. You can have a suit made, but I didn't want a boring suit. She had great ideas and thoughts about creating something that fit my personality. Not just throwing me a suit that everyone else has. Which is kind of what I dealt with earlier. So working with Katie was a real 'breath of fresh air' in that regard. And she has a delightful personality as well."

Custom Clothier Katie Harris

Katie Harris

Tom James of Columbus

"Daniel with Tom James provides an exceptional wardrobe that spans from casual to elegant. The fit and workmanship is extraordinary. Daniel goes the extra mile to satisfy his customers. He takes ownership of any problems that may arise. He is focused on achieving high customer satisfaction while at the same time delivering a product that is fairly priced. I expect that even the most discriminating client will be happy with the attention to detail Daniel provides."

Custom Clothier Daniel Wiebracht

Daniel Wiebracht

Tom James of East Texas
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