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Whit Behrens

Senior Sales Manager

Tom James of San Francisco
351 California St
Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94104

Office: 415-837-5380
Email: w.behrens@tomjames.com

What My
Clients Have
to Say

I’ve been a client of Whit Behrens for over 5 years when I bought my first Tom James suit, and can’t imagine buying a suit off the rack again.  Whit has been a great resource for me and has been very helpful in keeping my wardrobe updated with the latest styles and trends.  The Tom James line of custom clothes offers plenty of variety in terms of styles and quality and should appeal to anyone who is looking for the better look and feel that custom clothes provide.'

Whit Behrens

I've been working with Whit for about 15 years now and really appreciate the fact that he (and Tom James) have helped me professionalize the process of managing my rotation of clothes. We meet a couple of times a year in my office and within a couple of weeks a fresh collection of cool new clothes starts to show up. All of it is tailored to fit me, complements my existing wardrobe, and is of a higher quality than I would be able to buy off the rack from a retail store. The whole process is time-efficient, cost-effective, and results in my closet being a much more interesting place to visit every morning.'

Whit Behrens

My clothes advisor, Whit Behrens is great to work with and he brings high quality Tom James clothing and humor to me with every visit.  I don't have to wander around store to store and get bothered from sales people, they bring their inventory to me which saves me significant time.  I understand I might pay a bit more versus wandering into that sale at a local store, but his advice, the lack of hassle and the Tom James clothes quality are well worth it.'

Whit Behrens

I’ve worked with Whit Behrens at Tom James for many years, and buying great clothes couldn’t be easier.  Whit knows what I like, he knows my size, and he makes the process painless and fun.  I get clothes that are custom-made for me, and they look like it.  It’s such a nice indulgence to buy clothes this way and get just what I want.  And not having to go out to a bunch of stores, looking for things I’ll like and hoping they have my size, is the best. .'

Whit Behrens

I have been working with Whit for a number of years and always appreciate his professionalism and knowledge. He is the consummate professional that understands his trade and applies it at the highest level.  Tom James has always had consistent, top quality products.'

Whit Behrens

Whit Behrens of Tom James has been helping me select my clothing for far longer than my Mother ever did.  He has a sense of style I never will, knows what I should wear and what clothes I have.  Whit saves me the time of going shopping and the embarrassment of relying upon my poor taste, and all for the same price.  I receive compliments on my clothing when I dress as Whit thinks I should. .'

Whit Behrens

I have had the pleasure of working with Whit Behrens for many years. My closet is now filled with Tom James clothing – business suits, custom shirts and slacks, casual wear and accessories. Whit is personable, knowledgeable and professional, but far more importantly, he knows what I want. Whit is able to draw upon our long-standing relationship and show me merchandise that he knows I will like. The result is an efficient, personalized and pleasant shopping experience that I could not get anywhere else.  .'

Whit Behrens


About Me


Joined Tom James in March of 1992. Achieved sales trainer status in 1993. Achieved President's Club status in 1997. Achieved President's Cabinet in 2000.


Hinsdale South High School, Darien, IL (Chicago suburb) 1980-1984.

University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. B.A. in economics.


Goals for 2015:
Help grow the west coast into the largest single division in the company.

Achieve President's Executive Club.


I've been happily married to Traci since February 25, 1995. We have 3 children: Sam, Nate, & Carly. We live in Pleasant Hill.


I enjoy golfing, fishing, and I'm active in my church. We spend lots of time with our kids.

Fashion Tips

Always dress to the position to which you aspire.

Give your clients the best first impression you can, they deserve it.

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