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Shayan Peacock

Professional Clothier

Tom James of Atlanta
2800 Century Parkway NE
Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30345

Cell: 706-461-4235
Office: 404-479-9100

What My
Clients Have
to Say

Shayan is my first and will be my only tailor.  I have had a difficult time finding professional attire that matches the style and sophistication of my firm but Shayan and Tom James have provided me with all the options I need.  She offers the highest degree of customer service and attention to detail.  I could not be more appreciative.'

Shayan Peacock

I work for an air transportation industry IT company. It is important that I look the part as I call on C level clients in my accounts on a regular basis. I depend on Shayan Tehrani to keep me updated on the latest fashion trends and colors so I look current and up to date with main stream business dress and style. It gives me confidence in myself, my presentations and the image of a successful executive.'

Shayan Peacock

I have had the pleasure of working with Shayan Tehrani for the past several years. I hate shopping in stores, and barely have time for it. If it wasn't for Shayan and Tom James, I would hardly have a clothing portfolio at all! This year, I even bought suits from Tom James for several of my key employees. Shayan and Tom James make it easy and affordable to look good.'

Shayan Peacock

As a professional in a Fortune 50 company, I have no idea who I might be meeting with on any given day.  However thanks to (my clothier) and the wonderful suits she does for me I never have to worry about what I look like.   I hate women’s suits that you see in stores because they are generally very bland with no personality.  Shayan does a fantastic job finding wonderful fabrics and designing my suits so that they are very professional but totally unique.  I get complIments on my suits all the time and one time was in a restaurant in New York City and someone offered to buy the suit I was wearing.  My suits are extremely well made and wear very well for the long days I work.  They also travel extremely well regardless of how poorly I pack.'

Shayan Peacock

What a wonderful surprise to get introduced to Shayan Tehrani and Tom James!  My wardrobe has been completely overhauled over the past two years, and the tailored look has been a remarkable change to my style.  Either dressed up or dressed down, each piece is unbeatable.'

Shayan Peacock

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Trunk Show

Tom James of Atlanta
2635 Century Pkwy NE, 9th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30345
October 16-19, 2018
10/16-18 7:00 am - 7:00 pm, 10/19 7:00 am - 12:00 pm

About Me


I'm a Tom James lifer. I've been working with my clients for over 10 years years now and absolutely love it!!! Helping busy people look and feel great is my passion.


University of Georgia
Marketing Degree


Growing my business while helping my amazing clients do the same. I've learned so much working with the most successful people in the city!


I have wonderful family and friends in and outside of Atlanta. My husband Keith and I are enjoying being newlyweds.


Everything food. Everything travel. Exploring new places while eating new things is my ideal. Thailand at the end of this year is next!

Fashion Tips

Nothing is permanant in fashion but good taste.

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