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Rebecca Garsys

Professional Clothier

Tom James of Minneapolis
2523 Wayzata Blvd. Ste.#100
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Cell: 701-361-6964
Office: 612-377-0111

What My
Clients Have
to Say

In today's competitive world, it's important to always look our best. Rebecca's eye for style and great fashion sense makes it much easier for me. She can do the same for you.'

Rebecca Garsys

I rarely get compliments on the clothes I picked out but frequently get compliments on the clothes you picked out. It was good to see you. Let's meet next after the new year.'

Rebecca Garsys

Rebecca and Tom James are a class act and fit me well. With my busy time schedule and hectic life style, coming to my office Is ideal. Rebecca can outfit me with new casual wear or bring a new shirt, tie and suit ideas in the time it would take to travel to in from the store!! Thank you for putting together my wardrobe. I am a mannequin type of buyer and Rebecca and Tom James are perfect.'

Rebecca Garsys

And women's custom suits! What a treat to get clothes that really fit, and to have the opportunity to choose everything yourself...the fabric, the cut, the lining, the pockets, the buttons...everything! Nets out, over time, to a wardrobe full of favorites. Much easier to get dressed for work in the morning.'

Rebecca Garsys

Rebecca, I want to thank you for all the great help you have been to me in selecting professional clothing. I will never buy another suit, jacket or slacks off the rack. Having properly fitted clothing has made me feel so much more confident. I lead a large, widespread group of people, and when I am wearing the Tom James fitted clothing, I feel so much more confident, which actually makes me a more motivational leader. All because of having quality clothing that fits perfectly. Thanks again for all your help!'

Rebecca Garsys


Custom Suit Styling


Your Personal Clothier meets with you, at the luxury of your own schedule, in your home or office. Your time and convenience are our highest priorities.

Custom Suit Fitting Consultation


You and your Clothier select the perfect attire for your business, casual, social and formal needs - choosing from hundreds of cloths and a wide array of features and options – all made to your personal measurements.

Personal Tailors


Using a pattern that is solely and exclusively yours, Tom James crafts your garments to your exact specifications in our own facilities. From Sheep to Suit, Tom James controls the entire process.

Personal Delivery of your garmnets


Your Clothier hand-delivers your garments, making any final alterations that may be needed. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We will delight you, no matter what.

Local Events:

Trunk Show

Tom James of Minneapolis
2523 S Wayzata Blvd., Suite 100
Minneapolis, MN 55405
April 22-26, 2019
7:30 am - 7:00 pm

About Me


January 2005- present
President's Club 2007
President's Cabinet 2008
Chairman's Club 2013
Sales Leader '14 to present


Bachelors of Social Work, Minnesota State University of Moorhead


My Goals include:
Developing long term relationships with my clientele by
providing excellent advice and customer service, while helping them be comfortable and confident in their clothing.

To be the premier clothier in the Twin Cities Area.


Married to wonderful husband, Gintas.
Son Marek born July 2015


Being Active, most sports
Spending time with friends and family
Building Relationships
Trying new things

Fashion Tips

90% of the people you meet will never see your house, 50% of the people you meet will never see your car, but 100% of the people you meet will see you and how well your dressed.....

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