H&S Dragonfly (Pant Pad) Collection

Suits, Sport Coats & Trousers

  • Silver Gray 100% Super 160'S Worsted Custom Suit Fabric
    Silver Gray 100% Super 160's Worsted
  • Tan 100% Super 160'S Worsted Custom Suit Fabric
    Tan 100% Super 160's Worsted

From Our Clients

"Keeping records of what I have and need, helps to eliminate the guesswork regarding making a decision on the next clothing investment."

Custom Clothier Sheika Mancle

Sheika Mancle

Tom James of Washington DC

"Great knowledge on his products. He will go the extra mile, making sure your garments are exactly what you ordered. After the sale, he will check in with you, making sure the garments are exactly what you expected. If anything needs to be altered, fixed, or changed, he will stop by and ensure it gets completed. Give Evan a call and you will see why I recommend him."

Custom Clothier Evan Miller

Evan Miller

Tom James of Jacksonville
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