H&S Fusion (Pant Pad) Collection

Suits, Sport Coats & Trousers

  • Brown 98%S160s Worsted 1%Cash1%Smink Custom Suit Fabric
    Brown 98%S160s Worsted 1%Cash1%Smink
  • Olive 98%S160s Worsted 1%Cash1%Smink Custom Suit Fabric
    Olive 98%S160s Worsted 1%Cash1%Smink
  • Purple 98%S160s Worsted 1%Cash1%Smink Custom Suit Fabric
    Purple 98%S160s Worsted 1%Cash1%Smink

From Our Clients

"Daniel is a great guy who is passionate about what he does. He is flexible and accommodating to my busy schedule and is someone I will be using for a long time due to his knowledge of the industry. I appreciate all the work Daniel does for me and would highly recommend him to anyone interested in looking their best personally or professionally on a daily basis."

Custom Clothier Daniel Wiebracht

Daniel Wiebracht

Tom James of East Texas

"I would recommend (my Tom James clothier) to any business professional looking to step up their game through attire!"

Custom Clothier Katelin Fore

Katelin Fore

Tom James of Austin
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