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Louisa Liu

Professional Clothier

Tom James of San Francisco
350 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza
Suite 600
Oakland, CA 94612

Office: 415-837-5380
Email: [email protected]

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About Me


Chairmans Club Member - built a clientele of over 500 in New York City, grossing $1M in sales at Hall of Fame pace. Over 15 years of luxury sales experience, specializing in apparel, men's accessories, and delivering exceptional customer service.


University of California, Berkeley - BA Psychology
Minor in Theater & Performance Studies

Goals for My Clients

To make a difference and positive impact on my clients' lives by providing exceptional service, fabulous recommendations, and a product to be treasured for a lifetime.

To be remembered for not only my competence, but also my friendship and kindness.


California grown, Bay Area native
Spent the last 5+ years in New York City
Fluent in Mandarin Chinese & Cantonese
Beauty Pageant Image & Talent Coach


Fashion, Dance, Theater, Karaoke, Good Food & Wine, Traveling

Fashion Tips

Dress how you want to be addressed. Trust is built on first impressions. Take great pride in what you wear, as having a tasteful wardrobe will give you the competitive edge you need for success!

What My
Clients Have
to Say

Louisa Liu and her colleagues have great fashion instincts, are knowledgeable about the company's products, and are extremely personable. They have helped me remake my wardrobe and I can't wait to get my next round of custom clothes!'

Louisa Liu

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