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Joseph Price

Professional Clothier

Tom James of Charlotte
1927 S. Tryon St
Unit 103, Suite 105
Charlotte, NC 28203

Cell: 727-741-3463
Office: 704-334-5301

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What My
Clients Have
to Say

I have had the pleasureable experience of purchasing several items of business-wear from Joe. He has always been extremely knowledgeable, not only about the products in which I was interested, but in all of his products. Joe has a way of making his buyer appreciate the value of his service, not only as a clothier sales professional, but as a clothing mentor. I would recommend Joe to anyone looking for great fitting, quality custom clothing.'

Joseph Price

For years, I told myself I needed to find custom clothing that fit me. When I could not stand my shirts any longer, Joe delivered their great products with excellent service and an eye for detail. You can rely on Joe to keep you looking and feeling great in your tailored clothing.'

Joseph Price

I'd like to recommend Joe Price for anyone who is looking to determine their optimum professional look and wardrobe. Joe is very thoughtful and client oriented professional, who first endeavors to understand his clients' perspective and objectives before offering potential products and solutions. He's knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with, all while appreciating the value of a dollar.'

Joseph Price

Joe is a very well organized, energized, professional clothier who needed to take his time with me, a reluctant buyer, and was very willing to do so. He is persistent without being pushy. He is very patient, has a strong knowledge of his products & services, takes the time to really get to know his clients - and not just 'sell' them something - and he has tenacity. Joe has been a good business partner for me, and I have no hesitation recommending him to others.'

Joseph Price

Very personalized and convenient service!'

Joseph Price

Provides excellent personal service with top quality products.'

Joseph Price

My favorite part is having Joe be able to pull up my entire wardrobe when I'm selecting my new clothes. Really glad you guys jumped on board and continue to raise the bar.'

Joseph Price

Joe has superb subject matter expertise in the technical aspects of the fabrics, including why and how they are different, and he is very articulate in how he communicates and educates me on those differences and why or why not they might matter in light of my goals and budget. The best part about my experience with Joe, however, was that I was never made to feel like the minor client that I know I am. At any rate, I plan to order another sport coat and a few more pants as well.'

Joseph Price

Joe is very professional and great to work with when seeking high quality custom clothing.'

Joseph Price

I am on the road and wearing my suit today. It fits great! I am a Tom James fan not only because of your quality work, but also because of your outstanding customer service. Proud to be your loyal customer!'

Joseph Price

Joe represents the Tom James brand well. His personal attention to detail and needs of his clients is to be commended. He works with each person based on their tones/profiles/physical attributes, etc. I would recommend Joe to anyone looking to try out cutom clothing.'

Joseph Price


Custom Suit Styling


Your Personal Clothier meets with you, at the luxury of your own schedule, in your home or office. Your time and convenience are our highest priorities.

Custom Suit Fitting Consultation


You and your Clothier select the perfect attire for your business, casual, social and formal needs - choosing from hundreds of cloths and a wide array of features and options – all made to your personal measurements.

Personal Tailors


Using a pattern that is solely and exclusively yours, Tom James crafts your garments to your exact specifications in our own facilities. From Sheep to Suit, Tom James controls the entire process.

Personal Delivery of your garmnets


Your Clothier hand-delivers your garments, making any final alterations that may be needed. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We will delight you, no matter what.


About Me


2 summers in college as a top producer with the Southwestern Company. Started my career with Tom James in January 2009


B.A. in Communications from Florida State University
Semester Abroad in London


Grow the Charlotte office to the top 5 in our company
Build a profitable organization of 10 directs by 2020
Serve my clientele to look and feel their best every day.


I enjoy music of all genres, traveling, and cooking. I have visited 13 countries and lived in two. I like golf, football, soccer, snowboarding and exploring the outdoors. I have amazing parents and two beautiful sisters.


Providing exceptional service and the world's finest clothing to my clients

Eagle Scout, Troop 422 Dunedin, Fl

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