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David Shepard


Tom James of Memphis
1255 Lynnfield Rd
Suite 150
Memphis, TN 38119

Cell: 901-210-2815
Office: 901-767-8826
Email: d.shepard@tomjames.com

What My
Clients Have
to Say

Dave. One of a kind. He will always have your best interest in mind with the best quality service and product available. He is a true assest to his profession. I would highly recommend him to anyone!!!'

David Shepard

Dave will get to know you so that he understands the styles that you like and don't like. The convenience is great as you never leave your office or home. He also has a record of purchases so that he can work with your existing wardrobe.'

David Shepard

Dave is a true professional. For anyone in need of high quality, made-to-order garments, I would suggest scheduling an appointment with Dave.'

David Shepard

Had suit and shirts and ties made by Tom James… Dave was very professional and the measurements and fittings went smoothly. Great quality clothes.'

David Shepard

I used Dave as a clothing consultant for 10 years while living in Memphis. Dave was great to work with, knowledgeable and an expert in his field.'

David Shepard

Shep does a great job! Give him a shot and he'll hook you up with some nice rags. Great customer service and always friendly and excited to be with you.'

David Shepard

The big difference for me is when I started I wore hand-me-down suits or bought shoes and suits from JC Penny. You will be glad to know the only suits left in my closet are from Tom James.....and I am thankful I can do it. Thank you Dave for making me look good over these years!'

David Shepard

Dave is a detailed oriented person when considering customer needs. He's great at anticpating what the customer may need to add to his/her wardrobe based upon travel and type of profession. He has made my life so much easier. What I buy fits me well and is always in style. Don't know what I did before he and Tom James came into my life.'

David Shepard

Dave has always been extremely accomodating with my busy schedule, follows up on orders, and keeps me informed of what's going on in the industry.'

David Shepard

I would recommend Dave to anyone looking for the right Haberdasher for life. Dressing for success in the business world is and will always be part of the equation. He is well connected, knows the business, and knows how to deliver the type of service few understand. He is a all about how quality makes the difference in your life.'

David Shepard

Dave's experience in the art of Dress for Success has definitely contributed to making sales and closing deals in my business. I would highly recommend all professionals to meet with him and make the investment. He has provided good and professional service for many years.'

David Shepard


About Me


In 36th year with Tom James Company of Memphis
President's Club 31 years
President's Cabinet 24 years
Company Marketing Committee
Memphis Partner and Stockholder


University of Mississippi
1982 Tennis Team M Club
Southwestern Publishing School of Hard Knocks
Tom James Leadership Training 26 years


To help others to live richer and fuller lives by wearing good looking fine fitting Tom James Clothing. Help build company to 1 Billion in Sales. Personal sales for Chairman's Club


Married and two daughters.
Suggested book to read: "Goals" by Brian Tracy and "Greatest Salesman in the world" by Og Mandino. My dad was a Tom James customer before I started with the company.


Family, Golf, Tennis, Spectator Sports,Travel, Custom suits, Custom shirts, Oxxford Clothing, Oxford Mississippi

Fashion Tips

A wise man once told me: I live 2 hours a day in my car and I drive a really expensive car. I live 10 hours a day in my home and I have a very expensive home. And, I live in my clothing for 12 hours a day .. so I should spend accordingly.

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