David Christopher of Tom James Company

David Christopher

sales leader

Tom James of Chicago Downtown
30 N. LaSalle St
Suite 2420
Chicago, IL 60602

Cell: 630-220-2570
Office: 312-628-0868
Email: d.christopher@tomjames.com

What My
Clients Have
to Say

I have become increasingly more successful at what I do - and there is a direct link between that and what you and The Tom James Company have helped me do. Not only do I feel confident when I walk into a presentation or new business meeting, but I have received several compliments from those I go see that I look great, and oftentimes they ask where I get my clothes and I'm always happy to provide your name. The message here is that I am being received well by the way I look. Thank you - you have helped me create a great first impression...exactly what you told me you'd do.'

David Christopher


About Me


twenty year professional in the better menswear business.


bachelor of arts,northern illinois university,1980.


providing exceptional value and service for my clients,building tom james into the most recognizable name in the clothing industry.


wife connie,daughters casey,jessica,holly,and son brian.

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